March Favorites

Happy April everyone!

I know a lot of people bring out their colorful shades of lipsticks, nail polishes, eye-shadows etc. as we get further away from winter and closer to summer. I have no idea what happened in my case, but lately I've been keeping it pretty neutral. Regardless, I present you my top products for the month of March!

This palette is my favorite palette ever, hands down. Sounds cliche but I seriously love each and every color in this palette and I use every single one quite a bit! My favorite combo has to be, Heaven all over lid, Velvet Revolver on crease and Erotica to add some depth to crease. Love love love it!

I lost count of how many times I removed and reapplied Topless & Barefoot the entire month!

Coastal Scents Destiny Precision Angled Liner Brush

I used to swear by the Sonia Kashuk version of this brush until I discovered it last month! O M G, perfect winged out line every time! If you have shaky hands or just cannot get your eyeliner to look perfect give this brush a try! I bought it on Coastal Scent's website for $2.19. Best 2 bucks I have spent in a while! I will definitely buy more of them in near future as I am a total procrastinator when it comes to brush cleaning oops!

This blush adds just the perfect amount of coral to my cheeks and is stunning! I haven't been able to find the other shades but as soon as I do, they will be mine! For a drugstore brand, this blush has amazing color pay off and pigmentation!

Drugstore lipsticks continue to amaze me! Covergirl did an absolutely fantastic job with these lipsticks! They come in 40 something shades, have a creamy consistency and apply like a dream! So far these lip perfection lipsticks have to be my favorite from the drugstore (after my Revlon Soft Nude of course!)

Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment

Where has this oil been all my life?? I love what this argan oil does to my hair. I apply it on my hair while it's still damp after shower. When I wake up the next morning, I have soft, smooth, shiny and totally touchable hair! I wanna touch my hair all the time :D

Are any of my favorites your favorites as well? If not, what are yours?


  1. i love those milani blushes, and it's funny because i was wondering if the shade you have is similar to stereo rose--well, your review answered that!

    honey pot and cocoa puff...such cute names--i could get that palette for those names alone!

  2. Oooo...I need to try Argan oil. My hair needs help asap. I also want to try Macadamia oil but it's so expensive :( Boo.

  3. Great selection of favourites :)

    I'm absolutely loving Argan oil too, it's seriously the best thing that my hair has every experienced, EVER. And I really love the smell of it too!

  4. would love to try that baked blush from milani!! sounds glowy :)

  5. Great favorites! The Too Faced palette & Rose D'oro were my favorites too. :D

    I just picked up that CG lippie!

  6. I won a whole agadir set last year from beauty logic's blog and loved their products. Not to mention the scent is amazing!

  7. I definitely need to try some of those blushes (I have my eye on a few shades) as well as Essie polish!

    I already have & love Natural Eye, although I do use the Naked Palette a touch more.

    Nice selection!

  8. great favorites! I have been hunting down the milani blushes like crazy too! i bought 6 in 1 day! I am still missing Carolina! I am in love with Luminoso! Will post about em soon!

    Oh I have been debating about the Too faced palette, I got turned off by Nude Beach though. I will reconsider after ur post!

  9. Feel like getting some of these products now! Great post!

  10. did you get the argan at sally's? and i can't believe i didn't buy that brush when i ordered my african black soap and 5 lbs of unrefined shea butter from CS...i suck, haha

    i still want that blush, you're teasing me!!

    love this list :)

  11. the Essie nail polish looks amazing, unfortunately here in Italy I can' buy Essie :(

  12. have you ever tried the Moroccan oil ? Do you think the Argan Oil is better or worse than it? I'm only asking because I bought the moroccan oil a few months ago and only used it once. I heard such amazing things about it, but it did absolutely nothing for me. I was so dissappointed. My hair has been super dry lately so I'm looking for a new product... would you recommend Argan oil?

  13. @Janine, hey hun I actually had someone else buy it for me at one of those beauty shows here in Chicago. You should check Sally's, I wouldn't be surprised if they carry it! :) You can't go wrong with these Milani blushes let me tell ya! :)

    @Caterina, it has quickly become my favorite nude nail polish, I love it! :) It's such a shame you can't buy Essie in Italy, hopefully soon!!

    @rozi, Nope I've never tried Moroccan oil although I was about to. The only reason why I decided to go with argan oil was because I found that it had a "cleaner" list of ingredients than the Moroccan oil which had bunch of things I've never even heard of. I do recommend argan oil! My hair has been exposed to a lot of heat since I curl/straighten it quite a lot, I think argan oil has been bringing back moisture to my hair that it loses through the heat process. I'm sure you can find sample sizes online somewhere or maybe at a salon around where you live, that way you can try it out to see if you like it? :)

  14. I tried out an argan oil at sally's (sale) and i really like it, i think it like it more due to the amazing smell than how it treats my hair. i need to use it a bit more to have an opinion. glad you love yours!

  15. You made me go and buy that CS brush :lol: Too Faced palette looks cute :)

  16. the Essie nail polish looks amazing, unfortunately here in Italy I can' buy Essie :(