Topless & Barefoot one of the six colors in Essie's newest collection "A French Affair". Honestly at first, I thought..."yet another neutral/nude nail polish!". But when I compared to my other Essie neutral polishes, I realized it's quite unique!

L-R: Baby's Breath, Prima Ballerina, Topless & Barefoot, Naked Truth

My first experience with Topless & Barefoot was a total disappointment. By habit, I do not apply nail polish to my bare nails, meaning I apply base coat first. So I applied my base coat, then went for the color. It was so streaky, it hurt my eyes. I immediately declared it the worst polish I ever owned. The formula is quite runny too in my opinion. It almost feels like they may have left out the thickening agent (whatever it is, I am no chemist I don't know lol) and so it ended up a little runnier than it should have. If the first coat didn't apply so streaky, I would have definitely said you can achieve decent opacity with only one coat. However, as I haven't been able to have anything but streaks in the first coat so I suggest others to apply two coats like I do.

2 coats + Top coat

Couple days ago, I decided to give it another go, this time without any base coat. Leaving out the base coat worked like a charm! I mean charm as in, first coat was still bit of a disaster and second coat made everything okay. I absolutely adore the color, it's not a typical nude/beige and has a hint of baby pink to it. Perhaps I wouldn't be receiving so many compliments from random people about my nails if it were just a regular nude he he It's perfect for the spring season and even in summer when you wanna keep it lady-like :) ! I will just have to bear with the messy application for the sake of this gorgeous shade. I am a sucker for nudes! What can I do?

Did those of you that picked up Topless & Barefoot experience the same streaky application?

What do you think about this color?


  1. I got only french affair on that collection but after your post right now i am thinking about other colors too =)

  2. Gorgeous! I should be receiving this color in a swap in a couple weeks and can't wait to use it, it's such a pretty color. I'll have to keep in mind what you said about skipping a base coat.

  3. So glad you were able to make it work! It looks gorgeous on you! I think I'm going to use mine today now!!! Xx

  4. I think it's a lovely and clean shade. Glad to know it worked for you in the end.

    Have a great weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. it looks pretty and classy on, but that application story would scare me! i hate streaky polishes

  6. this nailpolish looks so pretty !!And suit you so much!I'm glad you found a way to work it without a base coat and thanks for mentioning this hun!!
    You gonna rock with this in spring summer!!


  7. this is such a gorgeous shade! looks great on you :)

  8. I love essie colors because they have such a great range of nudes, but they always require multiple coats.


    The Fab Mommy Diary

  9. I love this and sand tropez, beautiful nudes! Application for me was pretty good, but I am not the most precise application person, I am on the messy side.