Top 15 MAC Eye Shadows

Without a doubt, MAC makes my favorite eyeshadows. I have quite a few of them and can't say I have ever been let down by a single one. I won't go in detail of why I love their eye-shadows so much but two words to sum up my overall thoughts about them would be ; Pigmentation & Selection. Believe me it was so hard to pick only 15 because I love all of them in one way or another. But here are the ones that are my all-time favorites, I mean the ones I will actually eventually run out of and will re-purchase when the time comes. 

I tried to keep this selection as realistic as possible. I do love color when it comes to eye-shadows and I absolutely adore colors like Shimmermoss and Deep Truth but I just don't wear them as much as the colors you see here. So it's only fair to leave them out of this picture and keep it limited to the ones I frequent the most.

Top L-R: Digit, Shale, Nocturnelle, Print, Club
Middle L-R: Motif, Paradisco, Texture, Sable, Satin Taupe
Bottom L-R: Grain, Femme Fi, Omega, Woodwinked, Patina


Digit Satin - Soft violet with subtle pearl
Shale Satin - Mauve-plum with subtle shimmer
Nocturnelle Frost - Pinked up chrome purple
Print Satin - Muted grey with shimmer
Club - Satin - Red-brown with green pearl


Motif Frost - Gold-peach with pink pearl
Paradisco Frost - Bright pinky-coral with pearl
Texture Velvet - Peachy-brown with shimmer
Sable Velvet - Gold-plum with bronze pearl
Satin Taupe Frost - Taupe with silver shimmer


Grain Satin - Golden-beige with icy shimmer
Femme Fi (LE) Velvet Pearl - Frosty golden cream
Omega Matte - Soft muted taupe-beige
Woodwinked Veluxe Pearl - Warm antique gold
Patina Frost - Taupe brown with golden pearl

*Color descriptions are taken from MAC

What are your absolute must-have/favorite MAC eye shadows?


  1. Oh, lovely post. I like to read this kind of posts.

    A few of your eyeshadows are also favorites of mine: Femme Fi, Satin Taupe, Sable and Club.

    Another favorite of mine are Naked Lunch, Brash, Go, Mulch, Smoke & Diamonds, Show Stopper. It´s hard to choose, because I have 7 full MAC Pro Palettes.


  2. Great post and thanks for the swatches. I can refer to this when I buy more mac eyeshadows. To be honest I only have one mac eyeshadow in sable. I tend to buy other brands that comes in palettes. XD

  3. All that glitters, Go(which was ltd edition), Silver Ring, Jest, Mystery, Soba, Grain....I have a few I like :):) xx Cool post!!

  4. Wonderful selection! I wish I'd gotten my hands on Femme Fi when I had the chance! My absolute MUST have is Honey Lust, I think I must have owned about three or four over the years.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. great collection and they looked well loved too :)
    I really want to get Femme Fi, saw it on recently and am totally going to get it.
    Thanks for sharing these with us!

  6. great selection! I love nylon, naked lunch, all that glitters, cork, and mulch :)

  7. Beautiful. You have a nice collection of eyeshadows. I love MAC shadows.. the pigmentation is wonderful :)

  8. awesome collection
    you've def given me ideas for what to pick up next time im at mac! x

  9. I don't actually own any of those but they're beautiful! I'll have to add them to my "To Buy" list!

    The ones I reach for most are Dalliance, Unflappable, Sketch, and Electra.

  10. Hey! I'm a new follower who just found your blog, great post the pictures are really great quality!

  11. I need Patina and Shale already! I love Motif as well.

  12. Love that each row is almost a different "family", makes pairing them so much easier!!!
    Lately I've been loving Vex (again)!
    Patina looks lovely, I need to get it!!!


  13. Great post sweetie and thanks for the swatches!!Now all I need is Patina and Club!You put me in the mood to get more Mac eyeshadows!!


  14. Those colors are so pretty, I love golds and neutral makeup!