MAC Wonder Woman Mineralize Skin Finish - Golden Lariat

Lately MAC collections are just not cutting it for me. I am just not interested in the boring colors or colors that are almost dupes of what I already own. Wonder Woman was no exception. Then last week while on MAC's website, Golden Lariat caught my eye. I don't think I even looked for swatches of the 2 MSFs in this collection before. One search for the swatch of Golden Lariat and I was instantly in love.

I love MSFs because they are a multi-purpose product and are very versatile. As long as MAC makes these, I will always have them in my collection.

I adore the packaging! It is Wonder Woman, so these colors/packaging should have been expected! I love the over all comic book-feel to the packaging. From the glossy reds, blues, golds to the little white stars in the boxes, it all screams Wonder Woman. 

The compact as you can see is huge, it entirely covers my palm! Check it out compared to a regular size MSF - here I have the lovely Stereo Rose from In the Groove. WW MSFs are twice as big as the regular sized ones weighing at .70 oz. Regulars are .35 oz. And no they don't cost twice as much only $35, $7 more than a regular MSF.

What I particularly love about Golden Lariat is that it consists of 3 different shades; 2 shimmer and 1 matte. When I look at this compact, I immediately think of a bronzed summer look, anyone feel the same?

Pigmentation is never an issue with any of the MAC products (at least in my experience) and this is no exception. I have swatched the 3 colors individually because I strongly believe you can use them individually. I have been experimenting with Golden Lariat quite a bit and have found that they all work great alone as well as blended altogether. I personally like to use the middle and matte shade for contouring since I am sporting a pretty light complexion these days. The bottom shade makes for a great shimmery peach blush and gold can be used as highlight. Even when used seperately, they give you a perfect overall  glow.

There is one thing I am bummed about. Where is the mirror? I understand there are no mirrors in regular MSF compacts as their lid is clear. But for the product in question, they could have easily inserted one under the cap! Boo! You may ask, "why do you need a mirror in this compact since I am sure you will not be taking it along when going out"....I totally would! :D

Here I am wearing all the colors as I described above..


I love my huge Golden Lariat, what do you guys think? Have you purchased anything from the Wonder Women collection?


  1. This looks pretty!!! AND so do you! XOXO

  2. I'm wayyy too pale for Golden Lariat, I'm so jealous of your tan! I did pick up Pink Power though and I absolutely love it. I agree that they work well separately as well as blended together. I was super mad about the lack of mirror too. I would have gladly paid extra for it!

  3. It highlights the best part of your face! Really pretty!!!! :D

  4. Ebrucum zaten cok güzelsin, highlighter tenine cok yakismis ! ben de cok seviyorum bu tarz renkleri! Bir göz atmamda yarar var sanirim ;))

    iyi haftasonlari cnm, öpüyorum seni güzel kizzz!

  5. I got this too and I love it. It looks really glowey and flattering on! ♥

  6. I love mine too! I wanted "Pink Power" but they didn't have it, so I reached for Golden Lariat and I love it! I have used it almost every single day since I got it! It gives my face a nice warm shimmer!

  7. That looks amazing! I especially like the second picture of you wearing it! You are glowing! lol

  8. That's SO stunning on you!!!
    Sadly I haven't taken a second glance at the WW items.., I absolutely detest the clashing colours of the packaging!!!


  9. Great review! I was just looking at this at my local MAC store today! I was a little thrown off by how dark Golden Lariet looked, but your review has totally changed my mind about it. I may just have to pick it up afterall!