Too Faced Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer

I have always wanted to try Too Faced's Shadow Insurance primer because there are a lot of people who prefer it to Urban Decay's famous primer potion. I had to see what it's all about! Who would have thought that I will win Rai's give-away and this product will be part of it?? Well I did, it was actually the first (and hopefully not the last!) give-away I won, yay me! 

First of all, I would prefer this to Urban Decay's original packaging any day! Shadow Insurance comes in a tube, which you can squeeze to the last drop. We all know the huge UDPP packaging dilemma.While the genie bottle is an adorable idea, it's just not economical because a lot of product gets stuck in it and as consumers we do not get our money's worth! Thankfully Urban Decay got the hint and improved their packaging.

Unlike UDPP, Shadow Insurance comes with a tip applicator, sorry no doe-foot applicator here. I do like the doe-foot applicator, but since I only use it for application and not for blending purposes, lack of it in Shadow Insurance isn't such a heartbreak for me.

Urban Decay Primer Potion (L) Too Faced Shadow Insurance (R)

I find Shadow Insurance to be much creamier than UDPP, however I heard people complaining about the texture of their UDPP, some complained it was thicker while others' were much more runny. Due to its creamier texture, Shadow Insurance blends like a dream and gives you more time to work with it. Both products weigh the same at .35 oz. and they both cost $18. I also feel that Shadow Insurance is fairly better at keeping glittery eye-shadows in place (meaning less fall-out) than UDPP. While there are many things I like about Shadow Insurance, I have found that it does crease in certain conditions (humidity) and in my case it lasts shorter than UDPP. I have worn UDPP in long days and nights, to special events, in hot climates and did not experience any creasing whatsoever. Shadow Insurance begins performing great, no shifting of eye shadows in the first 5-6 hours but then it all of a sudden creases. In conclusion, I like UDPP better in terms of staying power and its anti-creasing capabilities and I will continue to use it until something better (if any!) comes along!

What are your thoughts on Shadow Insurance? What is your favorite eye-shadow primer?


  1. I'm so glad you did this review! I've often wondered what the differences were and which one was "better." I have just used my MAC paint pots as bases for years but just recently stopped by Sephora to try one of these primers. I hummed and hawed about which one to get and ended up purchasing UDPP - and now I feel like I really did make the right choice! :)

  2. I heard UDPP is more drying, so I ordered Shadow Insurance and it works fine, EVEN THOUGH stupid postman left it on a mailbox that was outside the house and the day was cold (-12C), so it froze.

  3. I really enjoy Laura Mercier's Eye Basics (it's her eyeshadow primer). It comes in different skintone shades, so you can find one that exactly matches you skintone, which means that it evens out your skin whilst also helping shadows stay on longer. 2 in 1! xx

  4. My experience with TFSI is just like yours: it doesn't last as good, whereas the UDPP makes the eyeshadow stay on forever!!!

    I don't get how some prefer it to UDPP, but I guess we all have different tastes and needs! Me, I can't wait for this to finish so I can repurchase my...miracle potion! :)


  5. I much prefer UDPP, I bought too faced before and returned it because all I got when I squeezed some out was oil separation.

  6. Honestly I like them both but you are right... my lids are also super oily and UDPP last ALL freaking day AND night. xD Pretty sweet.
    the TFSI is pretty good too and I like the fact that you can get it in "candlelight" which is a really awesome shade on it's own but then again UD has 4 different shades of PP and probably will add more in the near future, lol.

    Other primers I like? Believe it or not, Lime Crime's Candy Eyed eyeshadow works really well.

    For glitter and glittery shadows I use either Too Faced Glitter Glue (EPIC product, seriously, esp when paired with their glitters) and Fyrinnae's Pixie Potion stuff. Although it doesn't last as long as the TF Glitter Glue.

    Been wanting to try MAC paint pots...that's next on my list of primers to try. :3

  7. Oh and I totally second Justine's comment. My Too Faced Shadow Insurance tube in the Candlelight shade had some oil separation too! I was like...trying to squeeze some onto my eyelids and then I felt something burning my eyes and I squirted more out on my finger at it was runny! Ick! I thought about returning it but this is just a rare thing so instead I shake the tube and always squirt on a finger or q-tip first before applying to eyelids. :-/