Going through my sister's make-up bag! // Lipsticks

As some of you may know, my sister is in town visiting me :D Because we're both make-up addicts I just had to go through the make-up she brought here tee-hee! (She goes through my stuff daily so it's only fair!) I thought it'd be fun to share her products on my blog so here we are!

My sister and I have different tastes when it comes to make-up! Especially when it comes to lipsticks, I am all about the light pinks, corals and nudes where as she is in love with reds and other interesting colors (she gave me the side eye when I called these colors interesting lol) like maroon and magenta! I think she just has the perfect skin color to work these colors, she is NC20 with olive undertones for reference. I really admire her capability to beautifully wear these shades whether it's day or nighttime, she's my lipstick idol! :)

I think she has a little lipstick problem! :) Oh and she also just back 2 MAC-ed for Girl About Town which needless to say looks amazing on her! I, on the other hand, cannot imagine myself wearing colors like Girl About Town or any of these reds even in my dreams.

L-R: Chanel #19 Gabrielle, MAC Craving, MAC Viva Glam Cyndi, L'oreal Plum Brulee
 Gabrielle is absolutely stunning on her, it's her favorite red lipstick ever! I could see myself wearing Viva Glam Cyndi, only if applied with a light hand of course! The other two are also pretty but just not me.

L-R: MAC Angel, MAC Blankety, MAC Hue, MAC Perennial High Style, MAC Oyster Girl

 Now the above photo has my name all over it! :D I'm happy to see colors that I love and can relate to, such as MAC's Angel (my fave MAC pink ever!) and Blankety! I also love Perennial High Style and totally regret getting the ugly beautiful English Accents instead.

Top L-R: Chanel Gabrielle, MAC Craving, MAC Viva Glam Cyndi, L'oreal Plum Brulee
Bottom L-R: MAC Angel, MAC Hue, MAC Blankety, Perennial High Style, Oyster Girl

She has many more lipsticks in her collection, but this is all she brought on her trip. Another color I love that she has is MAC's Costa Chic, which will hopefully be added to my collection soon! By the way, have you guys noticed how the top of her lipsticks are flat? Mine are so pointy that I'm afraid they'll break, I need to get some application tips from her! Does anyone else have flat top lipsticks?

What do you think about her lip products? Anyone else share my fear of wearing reds, maroons and all those colors?


  1. omg gorgeous colors!!! haha I am like u with nudes, and light colors in the winter but
    fall = red,
    spring = bright pink
    summer = orange and wild colors like girl abt town, which is awesome!

    Love these kinds of posts.
    Hope you two have fun during her visit!

  2. <3 your sister's lipsticks- such a nice selection!
    I wish I could wear all those colors, but I'm just like you
    whenever I wear reds I really feel uncomfortable :/

  3. noo and pls do ask her how she does this!!mine are pointy too!!Viva Glam Cyndi is my favorite right now!!and great taste and collection Embruhska's sis!!!


  4. I love maroon & red cos I've got pale skin and it gives me some much needed colour!

  5. lol I was noticing that her listicks are flat lol. Love the swatches. You would look amazing in girl about town it was my first mac lipstick and love it so much.

  6. I like this collection! Beautiful colors!

  7. LOL, I love that she has such a nice variety of colours!

    My lipsticks stay slanted, I remember reading somewhere that the way your lipstick is shaped after use it says something about your personality.

  8. that's so funny because mine end up going flat too..i remember reading an article on what this means. there are distinctions between the woman who has a flat lipstick, and a pointy one...and there are apparently some other shapes in between :)

  9. Yes, Arezu and fantastic are right, apparently the different shapes can be linked to different personality traits (although to be honest I barely remember what each means)! Mine are closer to a sharper angle for the most part!

  10. I like this collection! Beautiful colors!