"Two Faced"

I hope I don't get dirty looks for saying this but I think I love this Too Faced palette a bit more than my Naked palette. I had been insanely looking for the Naked palette and was absolutely obsessed with it once I was able to get my hands on it but then I rediscovered my Natural Eye palette! I guess that makes me TWO FACED?? I am actually pretty new to Too Faced as I have only used their Lash Injection mascara and Pink Leopard Bronzing Powder. I had always adored their cute packaging and a great selection of products at Sephora so I decided to give this palette a go and I am so impressed!

The palette comes housed in a sleeve which you see on the left. It includes a total of nine eye-shadows which are a mix of matte, shimmery and super-shimmery/glittery. There is a little pull-put drawer which holds a double-ended applicator brush which I don't think was such a necessity. However, I bet you anything there would be upset consumers if Too Faced didn't include this drawer. Hard to please everyone! I personally do not ever really use these applicators.

I love these how-to cards that are tucked under the palette's lid. I think this is a great product for someone who is just starting out with make-up so they can utilize these cards to create beautiful looks. Of course you can get creative and use the eye shadows however you like, there are no limitations in make-up!

No Flash

I believe Too Faced eye shadows are the softest eye shadows I have ever touched. They really feel like velvet! Because of their super smooth and buttery texture, they apply like a dream and blend very easily! Pigmentation is amazing with the exception of Nude Beach due to it's super chunky glittery texture. With this color there will be fall-out so it must be applied using caution. Nude Beach goes really well layered on top of matte eye shadows, in other words, you can go from day-to-night really easily with it! As I do with any eye-shadow application, I use my Urban Decay Primer Potion as my base under these eye-shadows and I have not experienced any creasing whatsoever. I have semi-oily eyelids, I guess just as much as an average person's, I'm happy to say that they last all day on my lids!

Natural Sunlight
Heaven - Matte/Cream
Velvet Revolver - Matte/Soft taupe (similar to MAC Omega)
Sexpresso - Matte/Dark Brown

Silk Teddy - Shimmery/Pink-champagne
Push-up - Shimmery/Gold brown
Erotica - Shimmery/Plummy Taupe

Nude Beach - Glittery/Champagne
Honey Pot -Shimmery Gold
Cocoa Puff - Shimmery/Chocolate Brown with gold flecks

I am so happy that I bought this palette! I have been so blinded by Urban Decay's Naked palette that I had totally forgot about Natural Eye. It's great that I rediscovered it and loving it more often these days! If you're interested, it retails for $35 at Sephora, Ulta & Toofaced.com.

Do you own Natural Eye? What do you think about Too Faced products?


  1. lovely palette!
    I love their products!!
    I use shadow insurance everyday!! It´s a must-have!

    Check out my blog, I hope you like it! :)


  2. This palette looks lovely! I haven't tried Too Faced e/s before and I think I want to get this now the swatches look beautiful.
    I'm getting the naked palette for Christmas so not sure whether to wait or not now hehe xx

  3. I have this palette.. I love it! I don't have the naked palette yet though so I can't compare! xx

  4. Definitely no dirty looks from me, Too Faced products are fantastic :)

    I have and love this palette. The classic combo is my favourite. The only reason I love my Naked palette more is because it's thinner and easier to store away or take travelling with you.


  5. I loooooove this palette. I got it for christmas last year and it is always close-by, I've never gotten sick of it! I love it way more than Naked..I rarely use Naked actually. I'm glad someone loves Natural Eye like I do ;) I really love Too Faced..love Shadow Insurance and their Chocolate Soleil bronzer is my Holy Grail!

  6. The colors are beautiful! I missed out on the Naked palette, I think it will be back in the stores in Jan. But this Too Faced palette might just do it for me.


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  8. i must pick this uop at ulta STAT! thanks for the post, you definitely convinced me!

  9. I have the NAKED palette and I do love it. But Im still curious about this palette. I seen so maybe post that people do like this as an alternate to the NAKED palette. I want it now, thanks missy! Poor wallet of mine..haha

  10. That is a gorgeous palette, why don't I have this?!?! Beautiful colours that can be used on a daily basis.

  11. I would have totally bought this one, if I didn't own the NYX Nude on Nude kit already... (btw the swatches look super similar, although I bet the Too Faced ones are better quality)!
    And finally sm1 that's not head over heels for the Naked palette, haha! :DDD


  12. It's okay if you're having a love affair between UD and TF. I'm ashamed to say I don't own either palette! lol. I actually really like Too Faced products but I'm not a big fan of their packaging :/

    I'm trying to catch up on your posts!

  13. I LOVE this palette and this is one of the reasons why I never got the Naked palette ;) Happy that you like it, too. I also want to check out their newest Romantic Eye palette :)

  14. I agree that the fallout on Nude Beach bugs me too and one of the reasons why I wear it the least. For me the most used colors are the top row. xD Heaven. Velvet Revolver, Sexpresso.

    Also hilarious that you mention you abandoned your UD Naked Palette for the Too Faced Natural Eye one....because.......I did that too! xD Guess we're both Two Faced? ;]

    It's odd..I just don't use the UD one as much and I have no clue why. I had been lusting over the Naked Palette for ages too and it finally came in stock so I nabbed one as fast as humanly possible and now I rarely use the thing! Gah!

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