theBalm Frat Boy

I'm sure many of you have seen that I've gone a little theBalm crazy at TjMaxx couple weeks ago. If you've missed my haulage post click here. There were a few ladies that wanted me to review Frat Boy first so here it is! ;)

According to theBalm it's peachy/apricot - according to me it's pinky/peach.

Cute, and reminds me of high school! The blush is embedded in cardboard packaging and is a compact with a mirror. I always love to find a mirror in there! I normally do not take blushes with me but it's nice to know that I can if I want to. The compact is pretty thin and light in weight.

Velvety smooth and applies like a breeze. It's very easy to blend and I find it to be buildable if you like more color. It is a matte blush thus making it great for those who don't like shimmer or glitter overload products.

 Lasting Power
Lasts between 6 to 7 hours, then starts to slowly fade.

Who is it good for?
People who don't like shimmer and just want a flush of color that's easy to wear during the day. It's a great everyday blush!
People who prefer paraben/sulfate/synthetic-free products. Yes, theBalm makes many of their products without many chemicals. Check each product ingredient list, some of them have chemicals that others don't.

As you can see from my photos above, it looks more pink than anything on me and on my swatches. Okay maybe I see a little hint of peach if I focus well!

Frat Boy retails for $21 (.03oz) at Sephora but I scored it for $9.99 at TjMaxx, yeah that was a good day! I do like this blush and have been reaching for it quite a bit these days, I haven't really been wearing a variety of colors for makeup lately. Frat Boy is perfect when I want a little bit of color on my face without the effort. It gives me that healthy look :)

What do you think of theBalm? Any favorites?


  1. So nice! the price is amazing, my TJ max had NADA! but this color looks so pretty on u!!! I have tried nothing from the Balm =(

  2. I love peachy pink colors. Reminds me of Nars orgasm!

  3. I've never tried them, but I need to go to TJ Maxx SOON.

  4. I saw tons of theBalm stuff at TJ Maxx too :D Mostly just the facial cleansers, but I must look for the blushes ;)

  5. Ummm this is perfect on you and your perfect cheekbones.

  6. Frat Boy is such a pretty colour! It looks great on you! :) x

  7. I've never tried the balm before, but I've heard amazing things!

  8. Looks amazing on you! I wish I was lucky enough to find theBalm at TJ Maxx. :/

  9. Frat boy looks great on you! Also, loving your eye makeup here ;) TJ Maxx has become my fav spot for beauty bargains!

  10. It looks very pretty on you.

  11. Ebru your cheekbones inspire such envy in me!

  12. I love TheBalm Hot Mama blush! It's WAY better than NARS Orgasm, in my opinion. The texture is softer and velvety... probably similar to this blush.