April Favorites

April has been the month of eye shadows for me! I don't remember wearing so much eye shadow this often in a really long time. This month, however, has been all about them! I actually like that. Because now I can, without any discomfort, say that (especially to those who insist on saying that I have soooo much make-up making me feel like I don't use 75% of it) I use what I own! :)

Besides eye shadows, I also religiously used my Milani baked blush in Rose D'oro. I have been absolutely in love with this blush since the day I bought it, it was even in my March favorites! I have wanted MAC's Bite of an Apple blush really bad, but haven't really been using it a whole lot. Well, this month things have changed. It's been my go to pink blush. Don't let its brightness fool you, it makes for a very pretty and light pink blush if applied carefully with a light hand. Urban Decay's Primer Potion in its brand new and improved packaging also made the list, really only because of the packaging! It's just so much more easier to use, there isn't any wasted product and is much more sanitary! Stila's Kajal eyeliners are pretty cool in my book. Topaz, an apricot shade, makes a great liner for the waterline. I am not really one to line my waterline with white eyeliner as it makes my eyes look weird. I have been using Topaz as an alternative and I think it does a fantastic job! I keep mentioning my new favorite lipstick everrr Chanel Coco Rouge Shine #48 quite a bit because it's amazing. It is not an opaque, full coverage lipstick at all, nor is it marketed to be. It's rather on the sheerer side, provides subtle shine and #48 is a super pretty coral shade which is perfect for spring.

Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Topaz
MAC Digit, Nocturnelle, Prussian, Plumage
MAC All That Glitters, Trax, Chanel Coco Rouge Shine #48

For evening looks (which I've done quite a bit this month) I opted for the top row of eye shadows on my swatches. The combination of purples and blues create great nighttime looks for any eye color in my opinion. I usually sweep Digit all over lid, mixture of Prussian and Plumage on crease and Nocturnelle to blend. For day time, I've been loving All That Glitters with a little Trax on crease.

What are some of your April favorites?


  1. I have enjoyed MACs Bite of an Apple blush and should really use it more often. And Trax has sat unloved too long as well! Thanks for the reminder of these two gorgeous shades! Love your picks for this past month!

  2. Great favourites. :) I love blush, so your favourite blushes look amazing! I`ll have to try out UD`s eye shadow primer.

  3. I've been meaning to get the new UDPP, I'm so glad they finallyyyyyy changed their packaging!

    I reallyyy need to get Prussian as well, it's such a beautiful colour!

  4. i LOVE how u use so many diff shades on ur eyes in 1 month, means u have variety and are not afraid of colors! All my color shadows get no love...need to bang em out again!

  5. That Milani blush looks amazing <3

  6. Ohh nice to see the new primer potion packaging, I have the pro size and that one will last me forever and ever.

  7. chanelin ben de rujunu aldim gecen gün, acayip memnunum, rengi cok seker :)

    senin ürünlerin hep güzel ebrucum :)

    iyi pazarlar güzelim

  8. I have waiting for Bite of an Apple blush eagerly too.. And I do like it but I find that it doesn't blend that well which is so annoying.. But still a gorgeous shade

  9. Mac "All that Glitters " and "Trax"...awesome combo! I'd never have considered combining those shades, but I love it! Thanks beauty!

  10. oh i really want to try that milani blush. it looks gorgeous!

  11. selam canim, dien blog ist suuuper ;*


  12. oooo all that glitters with trax in the crease sounds prettttttty!

  13. That lip shades looks like something I'd LOVE!! The eyecolor too!

    Happy Wednesday Dear! xo

  14. renkler çok güzel ...bayıldım =)


  15. I want that Milani blush so bad. Ever since you and DeAnna were talking about it on twitter I've been pining for it :) I'm so proud of you for actually using some of your collection, I need to do the same thing! I am going to buy that Chanel lippie soon...I think the color is called Evasion?? I'm not positive though. I'm pretty sure it's #48..I hate how they only use numbers on the packaging now. But it is an absolutely gorgeous color!!

  16. Where did you find your milani blush? I've been looking for one. It looks gorgeous!

  17. @Danielle, Your welcome for the reminder :) I guess after you get something you really wanted this is what happens, I'm glad I'm using this lovely blush again, would hate for it to go to waste!
    @StealMyHeartLove, thank you! :) I really like the new packaging, so much easier and cleaner and same great formula :)
    @Arezu, I know right it was about time! :) Prussian is a beautiful color which is not talked about much. It's not everyone's cup of tea and definitely not a color most people would use on a regular basis but for night looks, it's a must-have in my opinion! I think it would look gorgeous on you, it looks beautiful with dark eyes :)
    @Lilladylife yep I finally took the initiative and now really use what I have :) I can't say I am not afraid to use the blue/green ones during daytime even though I love them. I think they are more suitable for night looks but the rest I use all the time :)
    @Michelle, it really is, I think all the Milani baked blushes are gorgeous :)
    @Justine, I was so happy to see the new packaging because I absolutely loathed the other one not to mention everytime I purchased it I felt like I was getting ripped off, which I was, we all were. It was such a waste of product! The pro one really will last you forever, it's huge!
    @civciv, biraz pahali ama cok kaliteliler gercekten, ne yapalim artik guzellik kolay degil! :)
    @Delyteful Speaks, I actually haven't really experienced any difficulty with blending, that's interesting! The only little issue I have is, it's easy to overdo it but I love the color :)
    @Anonymous, they pair beautifully together. I actually just began pairing them together one day when I just didn't want to use a neutral crease color with All That Glitters like I normally do, Trax was right in front of me so I tried and love it :)
    @sophiedish, I would totally recommend it, pigmentation is amazing!
    @Emine, Almanca bilmiyorum ama blogun super demek istedin sanirim? :) Tesekkurler!
    @loveletters, All That Glitters is such a versatile color, it looks gorgeous with a range of other colors, Trax being only one of them :)
    @Jen, thank you! you should give them a try! ;)
    @habinos, tesekkurler! :)
    @Holly, I think Milani got the hint and started sending more products to drugstores because now all of a sudden I am seeing them everywhere! You should get it before they sell out again teehee! Thanks hun I'm proud of myself too, I realized buying, buying and more buying then only focusing on a few products just won't help me use up these products in the next 20 years lol Yep the color is Evasion, I think the name is on the packaging too if I remember well. Ahh it's gonna look gorgeous on you!
    @sophiedish, These Milani blushes are available at Walgreens, CVS, Target (if you're in the US) and pretty much any drugstore as well as Milani's website, hope you're able to find it :)

  18. cool colors

  19. AMAZING. gercekten cok güzel:)))))