Inglot Treats

About 2 months ago I had the random urge to check out Inglot's website...and what do I see?? That they finally have an online store (for U.S. and Australia as of right now)! I was stoked! So I immediately placed an order, without even thinking twice.

I already knew I was going to get eye shadow happy and so I did. I ended up with six eye shadows and a lip paint. The extensive eye shadow selection, while amazing, is a bit overwhelming.

Let me start by saying that I love their palettes! The semi-transparent and totally removable lid has a sophisticated look to it. Palettes come already magnetized and let me tell you that these magnets are darn strong! I am afraid I will not be able to remove the pans until I run out of these eye shadows. There are a number of palette choices in the Freedom System. I think there is a palette for every product; pressed powders, blushes, 2,3,5,10,20 eye shadow palettes as well as 5,10 for round pans.

Pearl 409
Pearl 420 
Pearl 449 
D.S. 467 
Pearl 439

If you are planning to place an order on Inglot's online shop, then keep in mind that they are using a letter/number system rather than naming their products like most of the other cosmetics companies do. This makes things a little more confusing because number/letter combinations are generally hard to remember for most of us. You can purchase eye shadows individually in their own containers for $12 or you can buy the eye shadows in pans (like I did) which is part of Inglot's Freedom System. Pan eye shadows come in square pans. 1 pan eye shadow costs $7, if you buy 3-9 then each costs $5, if you buy 10+ then each will cost $4.50. I don't know what you think about this, but to me it's a total steal! Their lipsticks, concealers, brow powder/wax, cream concealers also come in pan form, in addition to regular packaging, but they are round.

Pearl 434

The different finishes of eye shadow they sell are; Matte, Pearl, Double Sparkle as well as AMC, AMC Shine and AMC Pure Pigment. I have an unintentional thing for Satin finish in MAC eye shadows and apparently I will have a "thing" for Pearl at Inglot as 5 of the 6 eye shadows I purchased are in Pearl finish.

 All of the eye shadows are buttery soft, I am just blown away by the softness and the texture. Pigmentation is out of this world and yes this applies to all colors. I think Inglot eye shadows are just as good as MAC ones, if not better. Applying these eye shadows is a breeze, all colors are buildable to the intensity you like. I did mistakenly applied DS 467 without a base the other day and it actually did not crease. Applying a base before eye shadow application has been such a habit for me that I probably will never ever stop applying but I thought it was kind of neat that this eye shadow did not crease.

Sleeks Cream Lip Paint in 95  is the only lip product I have purchased as I thought it will be more on the glossy side. I wasn't sure about the shine level and what exactly "lip paint" in Inglot meant. What it is is basically a mix between a lip gloss and a lipstick. It adds a nice color to lips without leaving them looking too glossy. I am loving this pink shade! It's totally wearable during the day as it's not a super bright pink, has just the right amount of color and good pigmentation. Texture is not sticky at all, has a pleasant almost a vanilla/coconut-y scent to it. The subtle shine wears off in an hour or so but the color stays on for a bit longer. I love the glass test-tube feel to these lip paints' packaging. They are quite slim and do not take much space in cosmetics bag. Sleeks Cream lip paints retail for $10.

With Flash
Top : Sleek Cream 95
Middle : 409, 420, 449, 467
Bottom : 439, 434
Natural Light

Inglot just launched their website not too long ago and I am pretty sure that they will have many improvements on their website for customer satisfaction. But I would like to point out a few things based on my first shopping experience with them. I think it would be very helpful for those of us who have never shopped at Inglot, for the website to perhaps offer color descriptions so we have at least some kind of an understanding of the color. Secondly it would again be so useful if they could maybe have a drop-down menu of different finishes so we can narrow down our choices.

I did appreciate the color coordination of the eye shadows, that made my browsing a bit easier. I was also very, very pleased with their lightning-fast shipping! It took only 2 business day for me to receive my order (shipped from NY). I am looking forward to trying many other products now that we have access to their online store. I'm excited!

 Have you tried Inglot? What are your favorite Inglot products?


  1. Fantastic swatches! I haven't tried Inglot, but I've heard a lot of really good things about the brand lately.

    I'll have to wait until they ship to New Zealand though!

  2. I absolutely adore Inglot. I’ve got so many of their palettes which I’ve recently reviewed on my blog, but don’t worry won’t link bomb anyone here :)
    My favourites are 420 and 409 which you also have. Also in Australia they’ve just launched a mega 20 pan palette which I’ve got my eye on. Their polishes are also quite good.

  3. I love your Inglot picks! I am still trying to determine what I want to try from them in terms of eyeshadows...I really wish they would name their shadows as it would make ordering so much easier. Beautiful shades!

  4. the purple , steel, and silver must haves!!!

  5. I haven't tried Inglot before either but with reviews and swatches like this I think I MUST! 420 looks amazing! Too bad they don't ship to Canada (yet?!) :)

  6. i love the swatches!!! love the pearl finish too!!

  7. No Inglot here, but the shop visit is on my list for my holiday in Dubai. Can´t wait to check them in reallity. All swatches that I saw are amazing.

  8. The eyeshadows look gorgeous. It's more expensive here in Australia, but that's always the case. :/

  9. renkler harikaa :) the colors are so beatifull!

  10. i'm also loving inglot! but every time i see these magnetic removable-lid pans, it makes me wish that i chose that one. next time ;)

    beautiful shades that you chose!

  11. resimler & swatchlar harika ebrucum :)

    ama sen böyle gösteriyorsun, ben de istiyoruuuum :D

    öptüm canim

  12. Inglot will be my new obsession!! I love the glosses too.

  13. 409, 420, 434 are calling my name!!! lovely swatches, chica! i heard about the us retail site recently, still need to check it out. i still haven't tried inglot for myself, so i feel awkward ordering from them online, regardless, i am pretty sure i will put in an order sometime this year :)

    have a great weekend!!! (Rocky says HI!!!)

  14. Im dying to try inglot shadows, they dont sell them where I live. That purple is my fav!

  15. wonderful colors! i really want to try nglot! =)

  16. These look so pigmented and gorgeous!!I'd love to try Inglot eyeshadows,though their lipstick is not something that I love using!!


  17. I have yet to explore the brand, your swatches are so tempting!;D

    ***** Marie *****

  18. You picked amazing ones for your palette! My favorites are Pearl 409, 420, and 439. You're so right about the magnets being strong - be careful because I've gotten my skin pinched before by the lid when I didn't get my fingers out in time! lol! Also, yes, the pans are a pain in the @ss to get out...the one time I had to do it to let someone know what color and eyeshadow was (I didn't look before I put them in), I had to use a cuticle cutter/remover thingy that had one of those nail pick thingys on it that could swivel out. Do you know what I'm talking about? I don't know the nail tool lingo...Anyway, I love Inglot! :D

  19. The eyeshadows look gorgeous. It's more expensive here in Australia, but that's always the case. :/

  20. No Inglot here, but the shop visit is on my list for my holiday in Dubai. Can´t wait to check them in reallity. All swatches that I saw are amazing.