Evil Queen Made Me Do It!

Hey loves!

I know MAC's new collection Venomous Villians is already old, most people picked up what they wanted from it, swatched their goodies etc. but here are my two cents anyway :) I was initially going to pass this collection up as I didn't care for the packaging (at all!) and the swatches I've seen online just didn't impress me too much. By the time I got to my MAC store last Wednesday the collection was already up on MAC's website. Colors shown on MAC's website were way off from the actual colors I've seen in person at the store. Before going to the store, I - kind of- wanted the nude lipstick called Innocence, Beware!. To me it looks nothing like it does online. I think it's a very pretty color but it just wouldn't work on me. I realized this only when I went to the store. I have also realized how pretty Bite of an Apple blush and Vainglorious eyeshadow are! So I went with these two beauties which I truly love in stead of getting something just for the sake of a new collection.
Boxes look much better than actual packaging in my opinion.
Cheap isn't a word I would normally use for MAC packaging or products but for the packaging in question I will just have to!

Bite of an Apple is a bright and beautiful coral-pink and matte blush
 It does look super bright in the pan as you can see but so does MAC's Dollymix and neither one of them are that scary once applied. I think Bite of an Apple was a great addition to my blush collection as I do not have any blush even close this shade. It does apply opaque but I found it to be easily blendable.

Vainglorious is a golden, bronzey burgundy with a hint of purple in it, it's in frost finish.
This is such an uncommon and pretty shade and I think it's perfect for fall! I think it would look gorgeous as a crease color with Grain (my favorite neutral ever!) all over. It can even be used on lower lash line for a pop of color. I can never go wrong with MAC eye shadows in frost finish in fact 90% of my favorites are in frost finish.

What has everyone else got from Venomous Villians?


  1. Nice haul. :) I didn't get anything but I wish I got Bite of an apple & Briar Rose.

  2. I love these two items! Along with Bite of an Apple and Vainglorious I picked up Toxic Tale, Strange Potion, Dark Deed Lipstick, and Briar Rose Beauty Powder! :) I agree, the boxes were so much pretty than the packaging! :(

  3. omg, I totally did not mean to copy your blog post title! I swear I didn't even see this until after I posted mine :( Awkward!

    Anyhoo, I love both of the things you picked up! Vainglorious is absolutely gorgeous. I thought about picking it up but then I didn't. No reasoning, really. I just didn't. I also passed on Bite of an Apple but I really hope I don't regret it...it looks so pretty in your swatch :/ I recently got Salsarose, though, so I think that will fill my bright blush void for now. FOTD please!

  4. I freaked over Violetta!! I had to get it!!

    Bows and Lavender Lips

  5. Nice haul hun!I always love your swatches!They are in such a good lighting!Btw I look forward for a look with thode two!!
    Love Blushingloves!!

  6. i love the blush very pretty!

  7. I missed out on this! Wahhh. But I agree, packaging coul've been better! That's a pretty blush, I wanted that one. :)

  8. Love these two!!!! I personally purchased Innocence, Beware (2 actually lol) and a couple others!! =)

  9. Nice haul. :) I didn't get anything but I wish I got Bite of an apple & Briar Rose.