Hello there beautiful people!

Today I'm sharing with you my recent Lush purchase because I'm stoked and I think everyone should know about this cute little thing!

I've never tried a lip scrub in my life. In fact I've first heard about such a thing in a video on YouTube maybe a year ago (What kind of a beauty blogger am I?!) Recently I was pointlessly gazing through the yummy website of Lush and I came across these lip scrubs! I knew immediately I must have the bubblegum scented/flavored one so I swung by Lush and made it mine!

Why did I pick the bubblegum one? Well...because I love bubblegum. It’s pink and girly. They do however come in three other scents and they are cranberry (which is currently sold out on US site), peppermint and chocolate. They all smell delish. I'm sure I'll try them all sometime in my life. While I was testing the scents, I was told by the Lush guy that these are actually edible! Huh?! Yes, I heard it right. He said, I can scrub my lips with the scrub and just lick it off LOL! I actually tasted it and it almost tastes like a bubblegum flavored Pop Rocks (except it doesn’t pop!) I wouldn’t make eating this a daily habit but if you ‘accidentally’ get a little bit in your mouth, you may as well enjoy it! It comes in a little glass jar with all the classic Lush labeling and I like this scrub quite a bit!

Quick Facts

Scent: Almost identical to that of Snow Fairy. I think it smells way better than Snow Fairy (actually I despise how SF smells but I love the way this lip scrub smells) If you enjoy the scent of Snow Fairy (as I know many people do) you will most likely love this lip scrub!

Flavor: Bubblegum

Texture: Very finely-milled Castor sugar

Ingredients: Castor sugar, organic jojoba oil, flavor (vegan), aurora pink(which I think is the artificial coloring agent)

Price: $8.95/.8oz (25g)

More information: Lush

Testing Bubblegum
Bubblegum - Quality Approved!
 After using this lip scrub, I have noticed a major difference on the smoothness of my lips. I have the annoying habit of picking my lips especially when they are dry or peeling. Of course doing this creates a not so pretty sight when I apply lipstick. I have noticed that I have nothing to pick now that the dry skin is lifted off using a lip scrub. Even in the not so great picture above, I think they look pretty smooth and soft! Definitely looking forward to trying to other flavors!

Have you tried this lip scrub?


  1. I must have this! My lips are ALWAYS dry!

  2. I have yet to try this scrub, but really want to! Mary Kay has a great lip scrub, but it doesn't taste good, nor is it pink! (It does work well, though.)


  3. oh hi luscious lips =p.. I swear by this and I've tried a lot of scrubs.

  4. this product looks great! i need to try it!! it seems it works fenomenal!!