Origins A Perfect World SPF 25

Hey dolls!

I'm back!!! As some of you may know, I've been to Turkey for vacation for 3 weeks and returned a little over a week ago. I was thinking to blog while there, but it just wasn't possible as I had places to go and people to see! :) I'm now back to blogosphere. Needless to say I really missed my blog (and YOURS too) ! Right before my trip I have run out of my moisturizer and knew it would cost me an arm AND a leg to buy it in Istanbul so I bought one here. I decided to go with a favorite brand of mine when it comes to skincare...and that is Origins! I've been using A Perfect World for a month now and here are my thoughts...

I have mentioned in the past when I did my first (and last) skincare routine post that I had been using Clean & Clear's Soft Oil-Free Moisturizer with SPF 15. I bought this moisturizer on a whim and used it til the last pump mainly because I didn't want to toss something that was doing a decent job. Why didn't I repurchase? I was looking for something more hydrating and I can't lie I kind of despised the smell. When it comes to products I apply on my face, with the exception of lip gloss, I am not too fond of overly scented products. Clean and Clear moisturizer does not have a bad scent but for my personal liking it was too much. I am also quite into paraben-free products whether they are detergents, soaps or my face moisturizer. I have been very happily using Origins' Checks and Balances face wash so I thought I should check out their moisturizers and I met A Perfect World...

I tried this moisturizer on at Macy's where I ended up purchasing it. I immediately fell in love with the scent. It's nothing like that of Clean & Clear moisturizer. The scent is very refreshing and has a natural feel to it. It almost smells like some mixture of flowers/plants/fruits. I just can't really pinpoint what exactly it is! My nose picks up citrus and roses! :) A Perfect World is jam-packed with antioxidants, white tea and UVA/UVB sunscreens which "help delay the appearance of premature signs of aging" according to Origins. I look for products with SPF because even though you do not see the negative impact of sun rays happening in front of you, when you age you will. I want to protect my skin as much as I can. I would say this moisturizer has a thicker and creamy consistency, still my (combination) skin seems to absorb it very quickly. I love that it leaves my skin hydrated, smooth and very soft. It dries to a non-sticky finish and leaves a very faint scent behind which vanishes in a few minutes. If you look in the back of the container, it suggest that you use this moisturizer in the morning. I don't believe in the morning/night moisturizer idea so I use it in the morning and at night. I can definitely feel that my face got a lot smoother and softer since I started using this moisturizer. I am happy that my skin also showed no reactions to it - I hate to go through a huge break-out when I switch face products. 

Of course there has to be something I don't like about it. Yes it's the container! It's cute and all but I hate dipping my fingers in it to get product out. Really wish it came in a pump form. I will not complain about it's price even though it is sort of pricey for me, in fact the priciest face moisturizer I've ever used. It is $38.50 for a 1.7 oz tub. I was told by the saleslady that this tub is a 6 month's worth of product. I believe it's a bit more than that. You don't need so much of it to cover your whole face and neck but we'll see how long it'll last me. Will I repurchase? I believe so. There is not a single thing I don't like about the product itself and the fact that it's made without all the chemicals that do not need to be in there in the first place makes it much more likely for me to buy it again.

What are your moisturizers that you swear by?


  1. Welcome back and thanks for the review!:D

    For $38.50, I think it's a good buy too.:D

    I love Creme de la Mer, so thick, you only need a little bit.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Ohhhh thanks for the review!!!! i had been trying so many moisturizers including Origins but I am still in love with Olay Beauty Fluid for sensitive skin!

  3. I've never tried Origins but have been very interested in them..thanks for the glowing review!


  4. ..hey sweetie ..I hope you had a great time in Turkey , it's just so nice to see all the family , I always cry : ) I hope you enjoyed every minute there ..I know it's really hard to blow while away , it's just so many more important things to do while there , right !
    ..I hope to go Turkey one day - I will be straight way to the bazaar : ) my bf actually came back from Istambul 3 weeks ago and he love that city , BUT he didn't bring me back replica handbad : ) even I said don't come back without one : ) but that is men for you ..he he he ..

    ..recently , well , About month ago I started to use Avon saphire night gel and day cream .. it's finished and I can't wait when the next will arrive works so good for me ..

    ..have a great day sweetie : )

  5. ..sorry ..I supposted to write - to blog while there ..

  6. I LOVE THIS MOISTURZIER! i just wrote about it on my tumblr as well, haha. and i couldn't describe the smell either - but mmmm.