Racing Green

Hey dolls!

I've received this Barry M nail polish in a swap and finally used it for the first time a week ago and I absolutely love it! I know that it'll be one of my favorite nail polishes in fall and winter :)

Racing Green is a beautiful metallic deep green with a hint of blue and just the right amount of shimmer. This color reminds me of a mermaid for some reason :) Barry M nail polishes come in rectangular glass bottles and they are actually called "Nail Paints", cute! I don't know what Barry M puts in their formula but whatever they do put, they are doing a good job! It has just the right consistency, not too thick or thin; therefore making the application a breeze. I also love the brush even though it's nothing like that of OPI or China Glaze. It's actually quite thinner than both brands' brushes so has less bristles. Amazingly it picks up the nail polish in such way that with only one sweep I can coat my entire nail. Sometimes I even had more nail polish on the brush than I needed, it definitely picks up the right amount, but never less than what you need.

I totally forgot to photograph my nails with only 1 coat. I think one coat of Racing Green did a decent job with only a bit of the white tips showing. I definitely would not call 1 coat of it sheer.With most nail polishes, however, I prefer 2 coats. With some even 3. In this case I applied only 2 coats and look at the results, purdy! FYI: I didn't apply top coat.After applying this nail polish I have done quite a bit of housework and I must say besides me picking some parts of the nail polish, it wore pretty darn good. This formula definitely doesn't come off easily. I would say it lasts 3-4 days without chipping, in my case at least.

What do you guys think of Barry M nail polishes?


  1. Absolute gorgeous nail colour for fall/winter!!Love it!!!:)

  2. @Blushingloves, glad you like it! Thanks for your comment hun :)

  3. Ahh totally agree with you, Barry M has got the polish consistency sorted! I have quite a collection of nail paints, but I never see this one around, your making me lust over it!
    I think it would look lovely for winter as well!
    Great post girly!

  4. Love it, I think it's perfect for fall!

  5. Im new to Barry Ms nail polishes, I mainly stick to OPI and Nails Inc, however Im really pleased with the application. They are not thick to apply and coverage is smooth. I'll be reviewing a couple i bought resently Cream Orange and Emerald Green- Love them. Check me out!

  6. I never tried them, but it looks great!