Let's do Cha Cha Cha!

Hey loves!

Well this post won't be about dancing but it's about a lip tar from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics called Cha Cha! I just liked how 'Cha cha cha' sounded for a post title! The very first time I heard about OCC was when I watched a video on YouTube containing these lip tars a while ago. I am not sure if there are other companies that make "tars". They are basically a mixture of lipstick and lip-gloss. So what's the big deal? Well, you get the opacity and longevity of a lipstick and the glossiness of a lipgloss! So I headed straight to their website and fell in love with many of the colors. I decided to take the 'plunge' since this was my first time ordering from this company I decided to get one lip tar and see what it's all about! The reason why I picked Cha Cha of all the 27 colors is obvious, I am obsessed with peach/coral and anything and everything in between. Cha Cha fit my obsession.

When I opened the box, I had a hard time finding the product because the box was filled with peanuts (as in the packing peanuts!) It is pretty small weighing at .27fl oz./8 ml. The tube is made from plastic with an angled tip for ease of application and a white cap which twists open. I like that it's small and compact so we never have to part!

Believe it or not, you will never need the amount of product I have on my hand in the picture above. I only squeezed that much out for swatching purposes.

The lip tar is liquid and has a thinner consistency than say a MAC lipglass. It is incredibly pigmented. You need the tiniest amount for full coverage. I suggest you use a lip brush to apply this product. Because of it's thinner consistency, it can easily be overdone and you don't want to waste product or have too much of it on your lips. Application is very smooth and applies evenly in my case. I have not experienced any dryness or chalkiness using Cha Cha however I read on some others' blogs that they have. It doesn't leave lips as moisturized as a regular lipstick would, as it is not a lipstick, but it doesn't dry them up either. After squeezing a huge blob of it on my hand, I picked up just a bit of it with my brush and started applying it on my lips. A very tiny amount dries to a nice satiny finish. If you want more of a glossier look, then keep on building little by little. Obviously there is no such thing as a lip product that lasts forever one one's lips, and this lip tar is no exception. I would say the color stays on for 2-3 hours. It has a nice peppermint-y smell but doesn't have a cooling effect on lips, all OCC lip tars are fragrance-free. Depending on your skin tone, this color may or may not work for you. If you have fair skin, chances are you may not like Cha Cha as it will more than likely show up as orange. However they have a range of colors and I'm sure there is one for everyone! They are $12.50 each. Check them out here.

One thing I wasn't too happy about is that, it does settle in the cracks of my lips. Then again, this is a super close-up shot. When will I ever have a picture taken from this close? Never. lol Plus my lips were not even prepped.

Can you see the cracks?
Have you girls ever tried these lip tars?


  1. I heard a lot about this brand, and never try it :/
    I should do coz I definatly love this lipstar :)
    Thx for the swatch ( love the last pic: gorgeous :) ).

  2. What a pretty color! You look great in it doll! :)

  3. Oooooo how I have been lusting after some lip tars lol! I really want hush!
    I hate when your lippie settles into the cracks :( got any tips on how to prevent that?

    xx, Mary

  4. OOOhhh very nice! Never tried anything from this brand before. But I like this!

  5. After seeing swatches on blogs I considered ordering Cha Cha but hadn't done it.
    It really looks great on you!

  6. love the color <3 sooooo pretty ..

  7. useful tips:) i'll be coming back often!!!



  8. It looks so pretty on you! I usually don't like drying lip products though (duh! as if anyone does), because if I use lip balm underneath to moisturize my lips then the lip color just ends up sliding off my lips. Have you tried lip balm with this? Regardless, I think I need one.

  9. @liloo, thank you darling :) It was my first time trying anything from OCC. I can see you creating beautiful looks with their eye-shadows :)
    @ Taj Acosta, thanks hun!
    @ Make Up Nonsense oooh Hush looks gorgeous! Probably I'll get that next :) I hate it too, believe me! But I really love this color :/ The only thing you can really do is prep lips with a lip scrub to remove dead skin and apply lip balm before you apply the product...
    @ NYCSh0paholic, thank you girlie! :)
    @ Ann, I was seeing this all over the place so I thought I'd give it a try. I love it! If you don't mind about it settling in the cracks then go for it! I don't really mind because it only looks kind of bad if you take an up-close picture of your lips which I'm sure you won't :) I think it'd look very pretty on you!
    @ Princess Feef, thanks love! :)
    @ Tea Joeli, thanks so much!
    @ Blushingloves, thank you for your sweet comment :)
    @ WillWorkForMakeup, you know what's funny? Because it's not even drying! lol It's actually pretty conditioning but it still settles :/ it's strange! I know what you mean, if you use a lip balm the color does slide off. I have figured if you use a balm that's a little thicker it works though. Burt's Bess beeswax lipbalm is thicker and I think it works great under drying lip products :) It's a gorgeous color though :) *sigh*

  10. I want that lip tar!!!oh my gosh, it's so pretty on you! i don't see any settling =/

    i love your last picture :)

  11. I LOVE coraly-orangy-peachy makeup stuff! :X I am fair skinned whatsoever but I still adore this kind of colors. whaaa! you made me soo curious!

    btw, I'm a new follower, happy to have found this blog ;))

    Keep up the good work

  12. useful tips:) i'll be coming back often!!!



  13. OOOhhh very nice! Never tried anything from this brand before. But I like this!