Swap with Ms. Bubblegarm

Hey loves!

Last week the lovely Muhsine and I decided to do a swap! She was interested in trying Maybelline's new Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation, for some reason Maybelline UK thought they could get away with bringing out only 5 shades of this foundation. We have 10 shades in the U.S. so I picked some up for her and sent it to her...that's pretty much how it became a swap, in case you're wondering! She offered to send me goodies from UK brands and I was very happy! (Few years ago when I visited London, I was too obsessed with being a tourist and doing touristy things that I did not buy a single (make-up) product besides souvenirs, oh wait I went to Accessorize and bought the flip flops you see in the picture below! Then I fell right by the London Eye and broke my wrist, hence the cast..definitely didn't plan on visiting a London hospital but I did lol)

 Cheesy phone booth shot, you gotta do it!!! :)

Sleek Storm Palette

Sleek Blush in Pixie Pink

  Barry M Dazzle Dust in Electric Blue

Barry M Nail Polishes in Racing Green, Cobalt Blue & Pink Flamingo

She was such a sweetheart to also send me one of these beautiful brush rolls that she makes herself! 
How pretty is this??

 ...and this hair comb that you may have seen a similar one of on her blog...(believe it or not, but when I first saw the comb on her blog, I was like "awww I wish I had one too" She read my mind! lol)
...and she sent me a card that says "Ebrucuk" on it, in Turkish that means something like " sweet little Ebru" awwww! :) See my card on her blog and you're guaranteed to crack up! lol

That's all folks! Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday, go out and enjoy the weather! (if it's nice and sunny where you live of course) :)


  1. Awww, everything is beautiful. Both of you are wonderful generous women! Enjoy your goodies!

  2. çok güzel görünüyor cnm hepsi sende öyle ;) allıgın rengıne bayıldım özellıkle...

  3. Lovely things!:D Enjoy ypur goodies, especially the palette!:D

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    & Life According to Marie.

  4. hey lady, new follower here *helloooo* :)

    nice swaps - I've always stopped to have a play with that sleek blush, but haven't yet picked one up - would love to see a swatch or FOTD wth it at some point! :P

    ps - I'll add you on twitter too

    a x

    last chance to enter my 'sharing the love' scottish fashion awards giveaway with boohoo and Swarovski today :)

  5. Such an awesome haul! I love that Sleek Storm Palette.

  6. I love swapping its so nice to have a package arrive and unwrap the goodies. It all looks lovely x

  7. lovely things especially the sleek storm palette, waiting to see a EOTD with this palette because I love your eye make up

  8. Sleek palette and blush..gorgeous!

  9. She sent you a really good selection! Lucky Girl!- Glad you liked them!


  10. You lucky girl! The palette and nail polish looks especially great =)

  11. I love that Sleek Storm palette. I rarely see a palette that includes all the shades that I like. This one is great :)

  12. JEALOUS!!!!!! I'm so jealous right now!

  13. Oh:) Gule gule kullan:)
    These are really pretty.
    I really love London and I think it is amake up paradise.:) Sleek is such a good brand. Have fun using them:)

  14. OMG the photo of you combing your hair is adorable :) Glad your excited by it all, I'm sure you'll come up with a fantastic look with that storm palette and inspire me :) Optum seni Ebrucuk! X

  15. the brush roll material is so cute!

  16. I'm Jelly....love every single thing you got! I've been dying to get my hand on a Sleek palette!!! I want to do a swap! lol Seriously though-enjoy! I have to check out her blog! =)
    Love it....Ebrucuk....love it! <3

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  17. I'm so jealous!!Realy gorgeous stuff for your swap!But and the stuff you send to Muhsine was so great!Just read the post.:)
    Enjoy your goodies hun!!!
    P.s. the blush looks amazing!

  18. ebrucum yaptığın makyajlara hayranım vallaa profesyonelleşmişsin artık.yüzünde çok güzel zaten.ayrıca şu pembiş ojede pek bi tatlıı:)bayıldım bayıldım valla hayran kaldım bulumayıyorum şöyle gü<el bi pembik oje:)güle gle sür cnm

  19. wants to try sleek and barry m products so bad =)

    they look awesome ,, enjoy em ...

  20. ..hey sweetie ..that is wonderful swap and I have exactly the same hair comb , I bought it for my daughter a while ago - it's one of those pretty things you want to have it : ) ..in your make-up bag , it's a bit of exotic glamour I guess , so pretty ..
    ..oh , I understand what do you mean by being tourist , when I am going abroad I usually so happy with wildlife etc that I don't even buy a thing : )..but it's so nice to bring back something made in that exact country ..
    ..I know Bubblegarm blog , it's wonderful and I read some great advice there ..
    ..and I always love your opinion in your 'Make-up bag' and you are so wonderful person ..

    ..sorry for not being around for a while , I just been so busy , no time for pc , as I am rarely home ..next week going back to the UK , ooooh , wish I could stay here , weather been more then Perfect : )) , but it's life , gonna go back ..

    ..have a lovely weekend sweetie : )))
    Ellinelle xxx

  21. JEALOUS!!!!!! I'm so jealous right now!