What's in my make-up bag?

Since my blog's name is "Ebrushka's Makeup Bag" I thought I'd let the whole world know what's actually in it. There is no way I would ever leave the house without it, even if I am going to the market, bank, gym wherever...I may need any of these products anytime! Yes, I LOVE to take precautions. As much as I love clutches, most of the time I dread using them because obviously I can't take all this stuff with me :S (but then I still take my makeup bag with me and leave it in the car lol or stuff a lipgloss or two in my hubby's pockets haha) So here we go!

First up I have my Benefit Erase Paste for things randomly appearing on my face, whether it's a zit or under eye bags...
My Burt's Bees lip balm just to moisturize my lips every now and then.
MSF for touch ups throughout the day, it also doubles up as a bronzer in my case ;)
Eco Tools brush for whatever needs to be brushed on my face ~ I particularly love this brush because it's really perfect - good price, good quality; does not shed at all and soft beyond words!
A blush is a must for pop of color! ~ I prefer one with a mirror such as a Nars one that way I don't have to carry a compact mirror which is additional weight on my shoulder! Oh and now is the perfect time to send a shout out to MAC, please do some blushes with mirrors so I can take my lovely MAC blushes along with me!
My MAC Angel lipstick is in my bag 99% of the time, even though I wear a different lipstick everyday. Ok I confess, sometimes I have 2 lipsticks or more at a time...
Rewetting drops for contacts for times when my contacts dry up my eyes out of the blue to the point where blinking hurts.
Must have something that smells good to freshen up - most of the time I have Viva la Juicy, loves itttt!!!!
I don't know why I always carry a mascara, because really when it dries on your lashes it's pointless to go back and apply more because you can't really...
A lipgloss - preferably a neutral color like this one from Smashbox - I usually have this one but will alternate between a few here and there.
Last but not least, a black eyeliner. I usually use my Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero, but carry my Ulta retractable eyeliner with me, I guess subconsciously I don't want to finish it too fast so I take a cheaper one with me to use through the day lol

I don't know if I should have called this post a tag, if anyone wants to do it feel free! I wanna know what everyone has in their makeup bag, who knows maybe I'm missing something in mine! :))


  1. I love what's in your purse =) and ANGEL is my HG everyday lipstick.

  2. Great post! I don't own angel *shock horror* oooo need it! X

  3. Merci Chloe!

    Muhsine you need it, every girl needs this lipstick period! he he