Soap & Glory - Flake Away + Girligo

Hola chicas!

Today I am reviewing the last 2 products from Soap and Glory because I have other things that I want to blog about and I don't have patience to wait any longer!

My thoughts on Flake Away...

Flake Away is a "spa body polish", or really a body scrub. This scrub has Shea Butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar. When I saw that it has sea salt in it, I was kind of skeptical because I knew it would be abrasive, however it's nothing close it and I guess that has to do with the fact that it also has sugar in it. It doesn't irritate skin at all. I am in love with the smell of this scrub. It smells just like Hair Supply. I love that it has peach seed in it because that seems to do wonders for my skin (I use Burt's Bees peach face scrub and it's awesome!) I used this scrub about 3-4 times and all times it left my skin very smooth. It's also super moisturizing that I can get away without using any lotion after I use this. I have been using H2O's Vanilla scrub which has been discontinued for a long time now and I will be running out of it soon (I'm so sad!) and I will be buying Flake Away instead. ($9.99 for 8.4oz)

My thoughts on Girligo...

Girligo is a moisturizing body mist. I don't normally do body mists simply because they don't have a lasting scent and I'd rather use perfumes. Girligo isn't an exception to this. It smells great, imagine strawberries, musk, peaches...You spray it on and it's supposed to be moisturizing. First of all, you can't just spray it on and expect it to moisturize your skin, you need to work it into your skin. After doing that, it gets sort of sticky at least it does on my skin and I don't like that. I like lighter moisturizers that my skin absorbs easily. I don't think it's moisturizing, yes it makes your skin softer than right before you sprayed it but your skin will go back to its pre-misted state pretty quick. The idea is good, the bottle has a spray pump etc, but I don't see myself dishing out $12 for this though I heart the scent.


  1. Hummm that body scrub sounds delicious I love, I was using a Sictoria's secret one that I truly loved but it was also discontinued =(

  2. I may try the Flake Away. With all this cold air it may be just what I need!

  3. Lovely review, the scrub sounds amazing :) xx