10 lip products my make-up world would be incomplete without!

1. MAC lipstick - Angel

Angel is my one of my go-to lipsticks. I have to be honest I didn't just discover this color when I was at a MAC counter. I actually found out about it when I was watching one of Kim K's make-up videos. It looked great on her (well what doesn't?? she's gorgeous!) so I thought I'd give it a try. Ever since that day I have been lovin' this frosty soft pink lipstick!

2. NARS lipstick - Roman Holiday

I love this color for summer! It's a cool toned, pale Barbie pink. It's pretty sheer if you only apply one layer, so I apply at least 3 layers to get the color I want. It looks great with smokey eye, and has a 80's feel to it.

3. NYX lipstick - Tea Rose

Pinkish Coral color ~ perfect for those days when I don't want my lips to look bubblegum-y or simply when I want a change.

4. MAC lipglass - Underage

Very girly sheer lipgloss, it's wearable with many lipsticks but I usually prefer to wear it alone especially if I have too much going on on my eyes...

5. MAC lipstick - Blankety

Perfect nude with just the right amount of pink in it!

6. MAC lipstick - Impassioned

Love to rock this during summer nights, looks awesome on tanned skin and with neutral eyes.

7. NYX lipstick - Narcissus

Perfect bubblegum color, that's all I have to say!

8. NYX lipgloss - La La

Shimmery, sparkly, pink lip gloss that I like to wear by itself...most of the time!

9. MAC slimshine lipstick - Bare

Unfortunately being discontinued, I am so sad to see this go! (I hope I'm just having a nightmare about it being discontinued) I especially love Bare because it pretty much completes any look, if I don't know what to wear on my lips, Bare is one of the two lipsticks I will go to, the other one being Angel of course.

10. Burt's Bees Beeswax Lipbalm

Wear this daily...it's a must for bloody Chicago winters, definitely recommend it to anyone who needs to moisturize their chapped lips! Love the soothing mint flavor and scent. I especially prefer Burt's Bees because of their human-friendly ingredients!


  1. Great list! Blankety is on my list of things to buy.

  2. Great list, gives me some new purchase ideas.
    I love MAC Angel too. Have you tried NYX acapulco, only bought it recently but already in love.

    Another super favourite is Creme D'Nude!
    Love your blog btw! xoxo

  3. Thank you Rai and Dutchess Roz (love your nickname, I read on your blog that you're Dutch :)) I haven't tried Acapulco or Creme D'Nude( heard great things about this one though) yet, I actually just ordered bunch of products from NYX website, from their $1 sale. I think I may have ordered Acapulco the name definitely sounds familiar, but if not then I will go and check it out.