You thought I was only obsessed with make-up? You were wrong!

Here are my all-time favorite perfumes, I simply can't live without these. I don't ever have one perfume at a time, simply because I don't want to smell the same everyday, just like I don't wear the same lipstick everyday (sorry Angel, you know i love ya!) Some people do, but it's just not me.

Viva La Juicy ~ Juicy Couture
Burberry Brit ~ Burberry
Light Blue ~ Dolce & Gabbana
Euphoria ~ Calvin Klein
Narciso Rodriguez ~ For Her
The One ~ Dolce & Gabbana
J'adore ~ Dior
Armani Code ~ Giorgio Armani
DKNY Be Delicious ~ Donna Karan
Mademoiselle ~ Coco Chanel

What are your favorites? I am always open to test different perfumes, who knows maybe I will add another one to my collection!


  1. ..hello ..I had in the past DG and I still love it ,but not wearin at the moment ..also I love J'adore favorites at the moment is Chanel Chance green,Amor Amor ...and new Hugo Boss Orange : )))

  2. I love hypnose lancome and escada s

  3. I actually like Beyonce's new perfume, Heat. I didn't initially but after I let it sit on me for a little while (I work at Macy's), I sort of liked it.
    My favorites are Stella by Stella McCartney, Ed Hardy Love and Luck, and Lola from Marc Jacbos.

  4. DKNY Be Delicious is my all time favorite, I always have a bottle on hand! I think I've been using it for 5-6 years now!

  5. Cydonian, I used to work at Macy's too! And on the same floor as all the cosmetic counters, it was so hard to not buy at least one thing every payday, how are you dealing with that?? I'm already making a list with all of your recommended perfumes, thanks a bunch!