September Favorites

Hey everyone!

I returned from vacation 2 weeks ago but thanks to post-vacation blues I had not been feeling up to updating my blog. Realizing how abandoned it looks today, I decided to revive it by sharing my much belated September favorites with you.

Herkese selam!

Tatilden 2 hafta once donmeme ragmen tatil sonrasi depresyonundan bir turlu cikip adeta terkedilmis blogumu guncelleyemedim. Bugun ne kadar cansiz oldugunu farkettigim blogumu Eylul ayi favorilerimle yeniden canlandirmaya karar verdim. 

Before leaving for vacation, I got pretty autumnal with my eye makeup. Some of my favorites were the namazing Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows, in Pomegranate Punk and Moss Green. Both are very pigmented, hence they look brand new...they will last me a very long time! I have also enjoyed Laura Mercier's metallic cream eye color in Burnished Copper. I will definitely be getting more of these! Purple is an all year round color for me, but this shade of purple is especially perfect for fall. It is double ended with a shadow on one side and a liner on the other. They are both pigmented and very easy to blend for a smoked out but subtle purple look.

Tatile gitmeden once goz makyajimda sonbahar renkleri kullanmaya coktan baslamistim bile. Favorilerim arasinda Maybelline Color Tattoo krem farlarinin Pomegranate Punk ve Moss Green'i vardi. Ayni zamanda Laura Mercier'nin Burnished Copper rengindeki metalik krem farinida kullandim, kesinlikle birkac rengini daha istiyorum! Mor benim butun sene boyunca kullandigim bir renk ama bu Tarte kalem/far'in tonu ozellikle sonbahar icin super. Bir ucunda kalem, diger ucunda far olusunuda ayri bir seviyorum. Abartisiz, dumanli mor goz makyaji icin severek kullaniyorum.

A product I purchased shortly before my travels has been my most favorite in September. And that is the amazing Hourglass concealer in Natural. It highlights the undereye area beautifully without settling into little cracks and lasts for a good 6-7 hours. Before I went to Turkey, shade Natural barely showed up on my skin and could easily be used on other parts of my face. These days, I can only use it as highlight under eyes (I got much more tanned than I ever thought I would in September) but I'm not complaining! Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation's light texture made it perfect for use in warmer temperatures of Istanbul and Bodrum. It's a great everyday, light coverage foundation that has a dewy finish. Burberry Sheer Foundation has been my go to setting powder since purchasing it last month. It lasts for hours on my normal skin without budging and provides a flawless, velvety finish.

Turkiye'ye gitmeden hemen once satin aldigim Hourglass kapatici (Natural tonu) Eylul ayi favorilerim icinde en sevdigim urundu. Bu urunu almamin nedeni goz altlarimi aydinlatmakti. Aydinlatmakta ustune yok diyebilirim ki herkes YSL Touche Eclat'i ne kadar sevdigimi bilir, uzgunum Touche. Goz altinda bir yerde birikmeyisi ve yaklasik 6-7 saat kaliciligini korumasi bu urunu benim gozumde muhtesem kiliyor. Turkiye'ye gitmeden once Natural goz altlarimda pek gorunmuyor hatta normal kapatici olarak yuzumun herhangi bir yerinde kullanilabiliyordu. Ben nereden bileyim Eylul ayinda Bodrum'da bu kadar yanabilecegimi!!! :) Su siralar ancak goz alti kapaticisi ve aydinlaticisi olarak kullanabiliyorum, ama sikayetcide degilim. Bourjois'nin Healthy Mix fondoteninin hafif yapisi sicak havalarda cok isime yaradi. Kapatici ozelligi orta derecede olsada yaz icin guzel bir fondoten. Burberry Sheer fondotenimide sabitleyici olarak bayagi bir kullandim, cizgileri yavas yavas yok olmaya basladi bile!

Two favorites from L'occitane; Almond Supple Skin Oil and Pivoine Flora hand cream. The almond oil makes a perfect post-sunbathing treat for the dehydrated skin. I used it everyday after sun exposure to hydrate my skin. I actually didn't even need to use lotion thanks to this oil. It has a very pleasant scent that lingers on skin for a couple of hours, which I love! The hand cream came in super handy during a 10+ hour flight. It may just be the most hydrating hand cream ever, without being greasy. It melts into my skin, leaving a very light peony scent behind. 

**If you'd like to try the classic L'occitane shea butter hand cream for free, then head on over to their Facebook page, "like" and fill out the form. They will email you a coupon that you can redeem in store.**

Favorilerim arasinda iki L'occitane urunude vardi bu ay. Ilki Almond Supple vucut yagi, digeri ise Pivoine Flora el kremi. Vucut yagi, yanmis ve dolayisiyla nemlendirilmeye ihtiyaci olan cilt icin gercekten mukemmel bir urun. Tatilde butu gunu yanarak gecirdikten sonra, dus sonrasi krem yerine hep bu yagi kullandim. Birkac saat ciltte kalan cok hos bir kokusu var. 10 kusur saatlik ucak yolculuklarinda olmazsa olmazlarimin arasinda el kremi gelir. Fakat ben Pivoine Flora'ya rastlayana kadar gercekten nemlendiren ve vicik vicik olmayan bir el kremi bulamamistim. Siddetle tavsiye ediyorum, ozellikle kis aylarinda cok isime yarayacak!

I randomly walked into a drugstore in Istanbul and saw a huge Essence display with products I have never seen on an Essence display at Ulta. (I wanted to buy everything!) This nude lipgloss caught my attention because...I mean look at the color! It quickly became a favorite. It's much more pigmented than I thought a $2 lipgloss would be. I think this is the nudest lip gloss I have ever seen, even more nude than MAC's Underage. The shade is called Nude Candy. Revlon's Fabulous Fig made its return in September as well. I have not used it since last fall and even then you can see that I haven't used it a whole lot. I personally like to just dab it on to get just a bit of festive dark red on my lips.

Gratis ziyaretlerimden birinde gorudugum kocaman Essence standi beni benden aldi diyebilirim. Ama dikkatimi ceken urunlerin basinda Nude Candy isimli bu seker lipgloss vardi. Evet sadece rengi icin aldim, pismanda degilim. Hayatimda gordugum en nude gloss sanirim, yani MAC'in Underage'indende nude, oyle soyleyeyim. Eylul ayi beraberinde Revlon'un cok sevdigim (ama cesaret edipte ciddi anlamda kullanamadigim) Fabulous Fig'i de beraberinde getirdi. En son gecen sonbaharda kullandigim bu guzelim koyu kirmizi ruju ben ancak dudaklarima hafifce surerek kullanabiliyorum. Insallah bu sene korkmadan kullanacagim bu rengi :)

And I leave you with a few photos from my vaca! ;)
1. L-R: Eleftherias Square, Kos - Golturkbuku view, Bodrum - Little church spotted on the way to Kefalos, Kos - One of the many beaches of Kos - Palm trees in my family's garden
2. L-R: Bridge view from Bebek, Istanbul - Possibly the most delicious waffle my taste buds ever tasted at Cafe Naos, Kos - Camel Beach, Kos (x2) - Frappe (you must go to Greece to have the best, others just aren't as good!)
3. L-R: Somewhere in Kos Town - Mosque in Eleftherias Square - Yalikavak sunset - Umbrella by the sea - Yummy fruit cocktail at Camel Beach, Kos.
4. L-R: Streets of Kos Town - Agora,  Eleftherias Square - Ruins - A pretty church in Kos Town - And its view from afar.
5. L-R: Minaret seen in Eleftherias Square - family brunch in Bodrum - Kos Town - View from family's house in Bodrum - and more Eleftherias Square.


  1. I checked out the subtle skin oil while I was at Istanbul airport a few weeks ago and fell in love with how it made my skin feel. I absolutely adore the almond scent as well. It's now been added to my wish list. :) xx

  2. Oh my gosh!!! You came to Greece! Did you like it here???x

  3. I know this comment will probably be completely out of (beauty) context, but I am amazed that you can handle Frappé (which btw I am not quite convinced that is a Greek "invention")! The only Turkish population that I know can handle it are the ones in Thrace (where I come from), the rest just find it abhorrently strong! :D My Turkish next door neighbours Rengin & Ümit were just kicked out of their shoes when they first came to Greece to live 9 yrs ago and tried it, they rolled their eyes when explaining to me how strong this damn thing is for them and their delicate, used to mild black tea stomachs and really wondering how we can handle it, and they are the ones who introduced me to Nescafé coffee in a cup of hot evaporated milk and sugar (my very special winter treat, with biscuits on the side to dip in) as an alternative. I love Frappé in the summertime, but I thank them for that :)

    On a side (gastronomical) note, I have eaten the best acem pilavı of my life in Kos, and to think I come from Thrace, so trust me I have had my good share of acem pilaf tries ;)

  4. I didn't like it....I LOVEDDDDDD it!!!! I cannot wait to go back to Greece and spend more time there. I only had the chance to visit Kos this time, such a tiny part of your beautiful country...but I will definitely be visiting more parts of it in the near future I hope. There was seriously not a single thing I didn't love about it, warmest people, delicious food...just the whole laid back atmosphere, I think I could live in Greece :)

  5. Hey no worries, I love talking about non beauty related things too :) Well the name is definitely not Greek but I always associate frappe with Greece, like ouzo lol :) Not only do I handle Frappe with ease but I actually savor every sip - it's seriously one of my favorite coffee drinks! But it really depends on who makes it, we've had it at two different coffee shops in Kos and both were absolutely delicious and a pleasure to drink. I also had it at a Greek cafe here in Chicago and it was so bitter that I called it quits after few sips. I just may have some connection to Thrace, who knows :) I love that your neighbors introduced you to Nescafe with milk and sugar, now that's a different story! :) Nothing better than that trio on a cold winter night! Ohhh I wish I knew about the acem pilavi before I went to Kos, I would have totally loved to have it there. I am making a mental note of it for next time :)

  6. I love everything about it, the scent, texture, how it moisturizes...all of it! I hope you get it soon :) x

  7. Your vacations seem so dreamy!! I'm dying to try those color tattoo eyeshadows, by the way I love your site :)

  8. krem farlar harika görünüyor , gözdeki duruşunuda görmek isterdim.Sombahar örnek makyajı yapsanız bol fotolu:))) çok güzel olurdu

  9. Your vacation looks very envy-able! I need the moss green shadow, it looks gorgeous.