Grooming My Eyebrows

Happy Monday everyone!

Few of people e-mailed me asking about how I groom my eyebrows so here I am! They are not perfect by any means, but I like their shape and the way they look with the rest of my face :) (Believe me, I was one of those 13 year-olds who plucked the crap out of her brows, so I've come a looooong way! :))

Tools I use...

I have...
  • an eyebrow comb (doesn't have to be an expensive one, mine is from Ulta)
  • pair of scissors
  • eyebrow razor/trimmer
  • tweezers (mine is from Revlon, I had it for years, they're the best I've ever owned) 
  • Anastasia Brow Duality highlighter pencil and Anastasia Brow Gel (these are optional, I do use the brow gel everyday)
  • flat (brow) brush
  • MAC Print eyeshadow which I use to fill in my brows (of course that's because my brows are black, you should choose a shade based on your hair color)
I use the trimmer because I feel that for the brows to look fresh and clean, the area surrounding the brows should be free of hair or have minimal fuzz. My upper eyebrow area can be sensitive if I do use tweezers there. I find these trimmers to do the job without any pain or irritation. These trimmers do a fantastic job in my opinion! They are called "Tinkle" I bought them from Amazon but I'm sure you can find them at dollar/discount stores. Alternatively you can use...

I found these at my local market and they are by Ardell which is way more widely available in markets, drugstores etc. This pack had the razor (on left, to trim down the eyebrow - alternative to scissors) and 3 trimmers ( to remove fuzz/above or below brows, I'm just showing one of them) I believe it was around $4.

1. Start with bushy, desperately needing to be plucked eyebrows.
2. With the brow comb, comb the hairs on the inner part of your face upwards and trim with scissors. (I forgot to take a photo of scissors scene oops!)
3. Clean up the upper eyebrow area with trimmer, working your way down towards the eyebrow.
4. It should look something like this.

5. Using tweezers, pluck away any unwanted hair below brows.
6. Pick up your fill color with your flat brush, I'm using Print by MAC.
7. Fill in the sparse areas that need help, making sure you fill in lightly on inner part and increasing intensity as you're moving towards the end of the brows.
8. Filled in eyebrow.

9. Coat/brush brows with clear brow gel working your way out towards to end of brows.
10. Apply highlighter right below your brows and blend.
11. Highlighted brows.
12. Finished.

I hope this post was helpful for those of you who asked me about my brows! If you have any more questions, let me know! :))

Hope you all have a lovely week! ♥


  1. Great post! My brows are so unruly at the moment, I definitely need to get my hands on one of those trimmer things x

  2. I love the shape of your brows.
    I am gonna get my threaded today, they look like they are one, instead of two. So not cute!


  3. I've seen them here and a friend of mine swears on these trimmers!But I was sceptic on these!!Thanks hun for sharing!I'll check them better next time!!


  4. o güzel yorumun icin tskler ebrucum <3

    cok basarili bir post olmus , benim basim kaslarimla dertte, hic anlamiyorum kas almaktan :D

    sen süper yapmissin !!


  5. love it! can you please tell me what shadows you are wearing on your lid?

  6. Great post! The pictures remind me of those little how-to pop out inserts from magazines I got as a teenager!

  7. Your brows are gorgeous!

    Can't wait to try this out<3

  8. Hey, i was wondering if you could also do a post on hair products, mainly shampoos and conditioners. i'm looking for a new brand to try out and thought you might have a few good suggestions.

  9. Oh wow, I really enjoyed this post, thanks a lot, very useful!

  10. @Tass, I love it, otherwise it'd be so hard for me to tweeze all the little hairs there :)

    @$armin, Thank you! :) lol I am sure they don't look that bad! :)

    @Irene, I remember the last time I talked about them on my blog you said you were scared of these trimmers believe me they are actually gentle! :) You should give them a try!

    @civciv, adin civciv kaldi bu arada!!! :) sagol sekerim, benimde aslinda pek anladigim yok ama iste birseyler yapmaya calisiyorum su anki hallerinden memnunum :)

    @Kat, thank you :) I have MAC Grain all over lid, MAC Patina on crease and little bit of MAC Club to blend two together, that's all! :)

    @25FLONDON, thank you!! :) Hehe loved how you compared it to the magazine pop outs you're right!!! :))

    @ Dollface_0023 thank you hun :)

    @ Anonymous, Sure I may do a post on shampoos & conditioners as I try them, hope I can be of help! :)

    @ GABY, thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

  11. Ebru, can I just say that picture number 12 is absolutely gorgeous (they are all beautiful really, but that one just stands out to me)!

    What eyeshadow are you wearing in the photographs?

    ♥ Jessica

  12. @Jessica, thank you hunni, you're sweet :) I am wearing, (all MAC) Grain all over lid, Patina on crease, Club to blend the two :)

  13. i thought you just had perfect magazine brows, LOL

    these are super easy steps and i will buy that eyebrow trimmer

    great post!!

  14. This post is really useful! Somehow I don't dare think of trimming my eyebrows with that razor considering how clumsy I can get sometimes! xx

  15. love your brows and ur eye makeup in this post!

  16. Really great tutorial!!!
    I should invest in these trimmers as well, makes the result look much more polished!!!
    Great post love!


  17. This post has been so helpful to me, i always never kept my brows trim in between threadings but with these steps i can keep them looking amazing. Thank you

  18. Your eyebrows suit your face perfectly!! I don't have the guts to trim my own eyebrows, because I know I'm going to end up with rail thin eyebrows that make me look like a street walker.

  19. I love the shape of your brows.
    I am gonna get my threaded today, they look like they are one, instead of two. So not cute!


  20. Great post! My brows are so unruly at the moment, I definitely need to get my hands on one of those trimmer things x