Hello Glitter!

I think we all know by now that glittery nail polishes are one of the current nail trends these days. I have seen especially chunky gold and silver ones from nearly all brands! I was never really a fan of glittery nail polishes until this year! Some of you who follow me on Twitter may know, not too long ago I spotted elf's holiday collection which basically consists of ready-to-gift stuff. Though everything looked very attractive I skipped. Recently while at my local supermarket I couldn't resist going to the aisle where they had elf stuff just for the heck of it! To my surprise they still had quite a bit of boxes left. So I picked up this box of nail polish trio which screams holidays! 

While I was experimenting with these nail polishes, a light bulb lit in my head. About a week ago, I picked up this Revlon nail polish in Powder Puff, fully aware that it's in Matte Suede finish. Now, when I think of nail polish, I think gloss, shine...something to make nails gorgeous! I knew what I was getting when purchasing this nail polish. I was going to try and make it work by applying top coat. It does look very pretty with top coat on. The color itself has that pearly blueness to it but I would definitely not wear it just by itself. 

So I did...

Revlon Powder Puff + e.l.f. Golden Goddess ( Twinkle on pinky!)

I applied 2 coats of Powder Puff to my nails and then 2 coats of elf's Golden Goddess. I have found that 2 coats of each still doesn't result in glossy nails so I topped them off with a top coat. I love the outcome! I realize 5 coats of any nail polish is a bit too much, surprisingly it took much less to dry than I expected though!

I also tried Powder Puff with elf's Twinkle (on my pinkie) which is also very pretty! The only difference between the two is that Golden Goddess has bigger round glitters and Twinkle has smaller ones. The third color in the trio is called Cranberry. I honestly didn't think it would be anything special but I love this color as well! It is a cranberry color with tiny red glitters in it! My favorite of all 3 is obviously the gold one! I can't imagine the number of possibilities using these nail polishes with others! Both the gold and silver ones can be used over maaaaaany different colors. This was a great and a very reasonably priced purchase. I paid around $4 for them on sale! ;) 

Do you guys like holiday and/or sparkly, glittery nail polishes?


  1. Very pretty! Yes I have had on my mind recently a chunky gold glitter Milani polish I saw on someone elses blog, i believe it came out with Milani's new nail polishes for the holiday. I'll probably try and get it this week from CVS.

  2. I love it! I'm waiting on an order from e.l.f which has a glitter polish and a color very similar to Revlon Powder Puff. I think white with glitter on top is such a great pair! I also think Party Hearty from China Glaze would look amazing on that Revlon polish!

  3. ..hey Darling ..I don't really like glittery nail polishes , but on you nails polish looks gorgeous , I think it's just not my thing , but ...I do love glittery polishes on top of berry red colour ..

    ..talking about glitter - I am in love with glittery eye - liners ..fabulous and so easy to use ..

    ..hope you ok Darling and yes , I agree with you about Sophia Loren ..
    have a great week ahead : )

  4. Golden Goddess looks amazing!!I love it!!Thanks for sharing sweetie!!
    You said right,these really make your nail polish pop out!!!

  5. awesome colors! :D very pretty.

    New follower here ~

  6. The gold one is THE perfect layering nail polish for the holidays!!! You did good picking this up! :)