How I Keep It Clean!

Hey loves!

I have done my first and last ever skincare routine back in February, I think it's about time I re-do one since a few of my skincare products have changed. Some say it's not good to change products and stick with what already works for you and some say you should change the products otherwise your skin will get used to them and they won't do anything for you. I prefer to change products because I feel like there is always something better out there. So far I have come across only one product which was a total disappointment. Besides that everything I use seems to work! :) FYI: I have normal/combination skin with oilier T-zone. Of course, as we all know, skincare is serious business. While there are only few types of skins, every one of our skins and needs can be different. These products are what works for me and even though we may have the same type of skin they may not work for you.

Face Wash 
Origins Checks & Balances
I'm really happy with this facewash because it gives my skin a squeaky cleaning feeling. This facewash is lasting me a VERY long time. I really need a dime-size amount for it to foam up. Even though it costs a little bit more than I would like to pay for a facewash, I am happy with how it performs. It cleans my face and leaves my skin super soft. I also love that it's paraben free.

Unlike some people, this is my day and night moisturizer :) It leaves my skin very hydrated and soft. It has a herbal-y scent and a very creamy consistency. It's formulated without many of the harsh chemicals, and has SPF. I really love this moisturizer!

Facial Scrub
Since I discovered this scrub several months ago I have not been using anything else. I did make the mistake of trying L'oreal 365 scrub which left my forehead super dry and flaky but I learned my lesson and went right back to St. Ives. I am in my second container which will be replaced with the 3rd one soon. I think this scrub is gentle enough to be used daily. I use it about 3-4 times a week. It does leave my face a bit too squeaky clean, in other words, a bit dry. However, for me, that is expected since it cannot clear breakouts (like it claims on the container) without drying them. I follow up with my moisturizer anyway, so dryness doesn't bother me.

Facial Mask
Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask
You either love or hate this mask. I haven't heard of anyone calling it so-so. For me, this mask gets the job done. I try to use this mask once a week and I also use it when I have an occasional zit as spot treatment. One downside of this product is that, it seems to take away skin's natural oiliness. I feel as though my face has been stretched after washing this mask off. That's why I follow with my moisturizer right away. I am sure the reason I feel like my face is stretched is due to the fact that it opens my pores, still it's a weird feeling. I do like it a lot for drying up unwanted zits.

Takes off any remaining make-up, balances skin's pH level. I love that it leaves my skin very refreshed. I actually like to spritz this on my face every now and then to freshen up!

Kiehl's Eye Cream with Avocado
I purchased this avocado eye cream during a time when I was experiencing dryness and a bit of redness around my eye area. I knew for a fact it was because of the eye make-up remover I was using at the time. Since I stopped using the eye make-up remover and started using this eye cream, the dryness and redness both vanished. I do love this eye cream but it doesn't do much in terms of aging. In fact I am certain it doesn't do anything for aging. It's more for providing moisturize in eye area. I will most likely not repurchase this product but will continue to enjoy using it while it lasts. This little container sure is packed an incredible amount of moisture!

My eye make-up remover is just a mixture of extra virgin olive oil and water. I have not seen any disadvantages of using this as my remover, in fact I believe it to be much safer and healthier than store-bought eye make-up removers. Not to mention a lot cheaper! I think this mixture does an amazing job dissolving the most stubborn eyeliner and mascara!

I'm planning to keep my products the same with the exception of my eye-cream and now you know the reason. I will be searching for a real eye cream with anti-aging benefits pretty soon as I'm getting close to finishing up my little tub of avocado cream. Please feel free to recommend some eye creams I should be checking out. If you know of any formulated without parabens and phthalates I would love it even more! :)

Do you keep your facial skin care products the same or change them up once in a while?


  1. I love St Ives!!It smells amazing and doesnt dry my face at all!!Already thinking of getting another bottle!!
    Lovely skin care post missy!!!

  2. I used to use my roommates Mint Julep Masque and I loved it! I do remember my skin feeling really dry afterwards, but it wasn't anything a little moisturizer couldn't fix :) I usually find a skincare routine that works for me and stick to it until I start having issues but I'm curious to try some products from Origins :)

  3. Ooh Origins, I never had the urge to try out that brand, I dont see much reviews on their product. I use the Julep Mask too but lately I've been using it only for spot treatment, I caught my boyfriend and her little sister using it as spot treatment too. Lol. Im going to try that green tea scrub..just coz I like green tea, it sounds good.

  4. I've been using Olay Eye Lifting Serum, I'm very happy with it. I was starting to get a very small fine line under my eye and it has actually gotten rid of it! I need to grab some of the Queen Helenes for spot treatments.

  5. i think i will need to try this face wash sometime down the road (that is if i remember too) i have the same skin-type as you and just as of late have gotten more oily in t-zone - which is icky!! but i also don't get a chance to get to sephora or ulta to get the better face items. would rather look at them than order on-line. maybe one of these days it'll be a must - live close to one of those stores for the sake of my face! haha - i like the mask - i use the same one though. i'm gonna have to try the scrub now!!

  6. Great, informative post! You reminded me that I need to try the st. ives green tea scrub..I've used the regular one but I really want to get my mitts on that green tea one! Love the mask, too. I tend to do the aspirin mask more lately, but the mint julep is always a great standby! I usually don't switch up the face routine because I am prone to breakouts. I've had some pretty bad reactions to new products this past year, so I've grown very weary! I tried a new eye cream/serum recently tho and I love it..It's the Boscia Enlivening amino eye treatment.

  7. This post is loaded with great information, Thanks alot !
    I use the St. Ives Green tea Scrub and I've been obsessed with it ever since it was recommended to me around June.

    Keep up the great work, feel free to check out my blog and follow back if you like what you see so far