Yes to Cucumbers Natural Glow Facial Towelettes

Hola chicas!!

If you checked out my most recent haul post then you know these Yes to Cucumber Face Wipes (or Facial Towelettes like they call them, fancy!) were part of my haul. I have used these for a few days now and wanted to share with you girls my experience with them. I have to admit, I was sold on these because of the packaging, it's bright green and looks cute! The package states that the wipes are "blended with organic cucumber, aloe vera and dead sea minerals" which definitely grabs attention. Previously I used the Neutrogena ones (really the only brand of face wipes I used ever until these). One thing I really like about the cucumber ones is that well they smell like cucumbers and it's super refreshing. So I thought it would feel good on my skin and it does! I like the fact that these are 98.7% natural, oil free, alcohol free, biodegradable but I don't really think they are that effective taking make-up off.

Taking off foundation and powder wasn't that difficult with these wipes though with Neutrogena ones I find it to be much more easier and gentler. When it comes to mascara and eyeliner, they are just impossible. I am a girl that loves her eye make-up and I wear eye make-up daily, for that reason I need something that takes off my eye make-up and something that doesn't require too much energy to do so. These wipes just don't do a good job taking it off, I had to actually rub my eyes to see if that helps and I'm sorry to say it didn't. I had to continue with my eye make-up remover. I think the cloth could be a bit softer also. After all these wipes are meant to be used on faces which is a sensitive body part. I also feel that they are a bit drying on my skin. I feel like immediately following with my moisturizer right after using them which isn't the case with Neutrogena ones at all. In fact with Neutorgena wipes, I just wipe and go. I am not sure if I'd repurchase these. I think they may be more helpful for someone who doesn't wear as much make-up and especially mascara and eyeliner daily and who just needs to freshen up during or at the end of their day. I need something more heavy-duty so next I'm planning to try the MAC ones. I believe these wipes are around $5 for a package of 30.

In summary;
Likes: Packaging, scent, natural, refreshing

Dislikes: Not effective for mascara/ eyeliner, drying, stickiness


  1. Hi friend, have a nice saturday :)

  2. ..hello darlin be honest I don't like any this kind wipes , I don't know but they seems wortless for me and you can't really take off any make-up with them , I better use just soap and water then wipes : ) honestly , I really dislike them ..
    They are only good if you have children to clean their little sticky hands after icecream or similar things : )

    Have a lovely weekend Ebru : )

  3. @ mikelle, thanks you too! ;)

    @ ellinelle, hey honey! I guess either you like these wipes or you don't...I am not THAT crazy about them either, but sometimes I just find them to be very convenient. Especially if I come home late at night and too lazy to take off my make up, these are great I can even use them while I lay down in bed lol! :) But yes, they do kind of remind me of wipes you would use on little kids :) I hope you have a lovely weekend as well! :))

  4. Thank you so much for your nice comment! Try it and let me knon how you liked it :)


  5. I just purchased these same wipes today at Target. I love them I agree there not that good when it comes to mascara. But i love how it makes my face feel soft and clean. I would buy a eye makeup remover (oil base) for stubborn eye makeup.

  6. @ Sandra. J, I love them for the fact that they are very refreshing and they give you a sense of cleanliness and I love the way they smell! But personally I just need something more out of my facial wipes especially for those days/nights when I'm too lazy to go through each step of cleaning lol I'm glad you love them :)