NOTD: China Glaze FLY

Hello lovies!

Well, after obsessing over China Glaze Peachy Keen for almost a week, I decided it was time for a change. Nail polish change that is! I was going through my collection of nail polishes and came across this color that I honestly don't remember ever using before. I know, it IS crazy to buy nail polish and never use it as most nail polishes don't have long shelf life. I don't know what I was thinking. I'm happy I got "reconnected" with this gorgeous color.

Fly was part of a China Glaze collection called Kicks which came out in 2009. I would call this color a cross between raspberry and purple, raspberry-ish purple or purplish raspberry, something like that! It has pink flecks with micro shimmer. I totally forgot to take pictures of how nails look with one coat, but anyway it's nearly impossible to wear any nail polish with only one coat. As with most China Glaze nail polishes, application is a bliss. Formula has great consistency, applies evenly and smoothly. No streaking at all! I also love the staying power, I've been wearing this color for two days now and no chipping yay! I do apply a top coat every other day just to keep the shine though. On my nails I have a base coat, two coats of FLY and top coat. Voila!


  1. very pretty! and your application looks perfect!

  2. It look gorgeous!!!I love purple colors!!!

  3. ..I love this colour and it looks so good on your nails ..I actually waiting at the moment for my nail technician , she coming today to do my nails as I'm off tomorrow ..I ordered to her 'that bright pink' and 'some reds' : ) not decide yet which I wanna ..if she had China Glaze Fly - it would be on my nails as well : )))

  4. Loving the color!:D And yeah, wow, no streaking!:D

  5. @ TKOmulatta, thank you, I try! I guess all these years of changing my nail polish every other day pays off lol

    @ lovelyviolet5, thanks :) I love purple as well, whether it's nail polish or eye-shadow, such a beautiful color!

    @ ellinelle, thanks love! Which one did you end up choosing?? You should totally do cosmetic-related posts in addition to fashion ones too! :)

    @ Marie, I can't believe I forgot I had this, it is very pretty!

    @ LCzinha, thank you! :)