ILLAMASQUA Powder Blusher - Lover

...and here is part II of my little Sephora splurge!

I had been dying to try something from Illamasqua ever since I first heard about it on YT, I think it was Julieg713! I decided I will go with a blush because it would be a safe choice; you can always make a blush work. It was kind of difficult deciding on a color because there were 2 I was totally wanting, one was Lover and the other one was Tweak. I ended up going with Lover and am I glad I did! I think this is the best apricot/peach blush I own right now. Oh I have been looking for this exact same color for such a long time. I don't have anything that comes close to it. While I love my Peachykeen and Coralista, Lover is topping the charts right now! Let's do a quick run down of the specs...

Hello pigmentation!

Packaging: Could be better. It's a basic shiny black box with an open cut out window where the color peeks out. To me, it looks like an old box as if it's been forgotten in someone's medicine cabinet. I think that may have been the look they were going for. The blush container is plastic and a bit cheap looking for my taste. I am not too fond of opening the container with my finger nail either. Hopefully they will improve.

Color: Matte, intense peachy/apricot, with quite bit of pigmentation. Shows up beautifully over foundation and bronzer. Staying power is really good, stays put for hours and no need to touch up during the day. Sounds a lot like a NARS blush to me, I think it's just as good, if not better!

Misc.: Has an old/medicine-like smell to it, it's nothing unbearable but I'm just letting everyone know. I do have a pretty sensitive nose :)

Price: $23.00 at Sephora.

Here is a picture of Eva Mendes wearing an intense apricot/peach blush which I absolutely adore! I think Lover will be great for getting the color (or close to it) on Eva's's love! <3

Do you girls own any Illamasqua blushes? What do you think about them? Any color recommendations? 


  1. I want it so bad !!!!!!!!! this is too pretty to be real =)


  2. yum, looks gorgeous! :)
    love peachy blushes, they look great on olive skin tones

  3. Love this shade! I may pick this up.

  4. Lover looks amazzzingg! Illamasqua is my favorite line for blushes. I will have to check this out asap! Can't wait to see it on you! xx

  5. @ Hollywood, it really is so pretty, I'm not even kidding, this is the best blush I own (I hate to say it but even better than my NARS ones) It's perfect for summer too :)
    @ Anca, I loveee peach blushes too and yes I agree with you they really look amazing on olive skin tones but I guess this would look good on even a bit darker/bronzed skin :)
    @ Rai, pick it up, yesss! :)
    @ Nikki, it is amazing, you should get it for sure. Illamasqua is definitely my favorite blush brand right now, wish I tried it before can't wait to pick up Tweak (I know you have that one, it's too pretty!!!) :)

  6. I think it's a gorgeous color!!!