April Favorites

Hey girls!

It's that time of the month again, as in, the end of it! And it's time to do a favorites of course! Here is what I couldn't get enough of this month :)

1. Illamasqua Blusher in Lover - perfect apricot/peach blush with loads of pigmentation. Goes with many different looks, stays on forever, love love love ittt!!!

2. Revlon ColorStay Foundation - I thought I was in love with PhotoReady until I met ColorStay. This stuff is amazing, provides great coverage, feels really light on skin and lasts throughout the day. Love that it doesn't cake up.

3. Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Soft Nude: Light peachy nude lipstick that doesn't look chalky, is quite moisturizing and doesn't flake on lips. Perfect by itself or as a base for a brighter lipstick. 

4. China Glaze nail polish in Light As Air - Pastel, lilac color that goes great in spring. It's quite feminine!

5. YSL Rouge Volupte in Peach Passion - Peach. Passion. It's love! I love to wear this over Revlon's Soft Nude to get a more subtle color or by itself if I want a full strength vibrant peach. 

6. NYX Lip Gloss in La La - After the above combination, I use La La to top my lips with some shine! La La is also perfect worn alone, looks great with a tan and darker eye make-up.

Of course I had to have some eye shadows thrown in here! I reached for these colors the most this month. They are all so lovely! Usually what I do for a quick fix is; apply Satin Taupe all over lid, use Quarry on my crease and dab a little Femme-Fi on inner corners and brow bone, and voila!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, be safe and have fun!!! <3


  1. I want your Illamasqua blush and your Peach Passion lipstick...please lol =)

  2. great favorites! I'm going to look for that NYX Lipgloss... thats a really pretty pink. I'm loving soft nude as well still! I have the color stay but I'm not big on liquid foundation... I think I may use it over the next few days though now that you reminded me of mine.

  3. Ahh I used colourstay for ages and then went off it, I keep seeing it in this months favourites though so I'm going to try it out again!
    Love the nail polish, the colour is so pretty!
    Great post girly!

  4. nice stuff =D i love nyx lipglosses and lipsticks.. i really want to try the ysl lipstick in peach passion.. lookss absolutely stunning on you <3 xx

  5. The china glaze lilac looks gorgeous!

  6. That revlon lipstick has to be checked out next time I'm at the drug store, and now I HAVE to buy satin taupe, done and done.

  7. I have been hearing too many good things about that Revlon lippie...might have to try it out for myself ;)....not that I NEED another nude..haha

  8. Oooh my I want all these goodies :) Soooo pretty!!!!!
    Thanks so much for your mascara tip! Wow if Kim K uses it thats enough for me!!!

  9. You've tried Colorstay after Photoready? :)) I think u're the only one :D I was just thinking that it's a pitty we don't get the same Colorstay or at least i don't see it as wow as most of u do :( Even the dry/normal skin one felt like a cast on and i have combination/oily skin... I'm waiting for the new Superstay ... lucky u, i suppose u've seen it in stores... i'm waiting for it to cross the ocean like ... a kid for Santa!

  10. @ Chloe he he, ok I'll send them to you! :)
    @ TKOmulatta, I love this NYX lipgloss, it's really pretty. It's a bit shimmery but nothing over the top. I loveee Soft Nude. It's seriously perfect and not drying at all, as you know. I actually really like ColorStay, better than PhotoReady or even MAC Studio Fix. Give it another chance, who knows! :)
    @ Laura, thanks hun!
    @ Darling heart, thank you lady! ColorStay is my favorite right now. (I keep saying that for every foundation I try but this is IT I think :)) I should have got it much earlier but oh well.
    @ Kyra, I LOVE Satin Taupe, everyone should have this color in their collection! :)
    @ roshas, I love NYX too, very affordable AND quality products :) Try YSL, you won't regret it! x
    @ sexy mutha pucka, lol love the name! :) This nail polish is super gorgeous, check it out if you can! :)
    @ Obsessed.Makup.Addict, oh yeah you NEED these in your life right now girlie! :)
    @ Ashleigh, it's really great. Not drying or flaking. I find it to be quite moisturizing on my lips actually. Definitely great formula and color, I will be getting a few other ones from this collection. Worth a try! :)
    @ Sarah, thanks for your lovely comment hun! :) I'm happy if I could help you with mascara selection. I really love Voluminous and looks like Kim does too, if she keeps using it...I hope you do as well :)
    @ Alex, that's exactly what happened :) I tried ColorStay after PhotoReady, I know it should have been the other way around lol But I recently got "back" into using drugstore foundation. I was swearing by my MAC Studio Fix Fluid and now that's not the case, at all. So I just branched out and started looking for a drugstore foundation. At that time, they had just come out with PhotoReady so that's what I went for. But now I LOVEEEEE ColorStay. :) Do you think the formula is different over there? That'd be really interesting. I am happy for you that at least you know what foundation works for you though. I don't know if I'll try Super Stay because right now I have 4 open foundations lol

  11. I've been using colourstay for a while now but I've gotten a bit tanned lately and was thinking about trying photready and a new shade, think I'll stick to colourstay then!

  12. The china glaze lilac looks gorgeous!