Amazing Cosmetics - Amazing Concealer

Hey girls!

I've been using Amazing Concealer for a while now. I bought it because I heard very good things and read good reviews about it.I know many people that use it and swear by it. But does it really live up to all the hype? I have normal combination skin, bit oilier on my T-zone. I'd say I get some oiliness under my eyes throughout the day, which is where I use concealers the most. 

This is all I need for one eye...

What I did was basically apply it all over my under eye area/inner corner/towards the eyebrow/brow bone to cover up discoloration there as well as down the sides of my nose using the Amazing Cosmetics concealer brush (this was actually a free gift that came with the purchase of the concealer) I also went over the irritation on the outer corner of my eye, I don't know if you can see it.

Okay so it conceals. Then again, so does my Benefit Erase Paste which I'm actually happy with. The one thing that I am not crazy about is that because of it's thicker consistency it takes quite bit of a blending to achieve the desired coverage. I worked on it for a good several minutes to get the result I want. Another thing that I don't like is the fact that it DOES crease, at least it does in my case even after I set it with powder. Price may also be a concern for some, it is $28 for the small tube, but it also really seems like it will last forever because you need such a small amount. As a result I have mixed feelings about this product. I know many people rave about it and can't live without it but I just don't think it's anything special. At this point, I will stick with my Erase Paste to conceal my imperfections. I think Bare Minerals multi-tasking concealer is just as good, I also use that under my eyes, it totally brightens up tired eyes!


  1. I have the amazing concealer as well... i kinda feel the same way as you.. I didn't get "amazing" results... it just works like my other concealers on me. and your right, it does crease.. even after being set... that was the first thing i noticed after my first time wearing it.

    I'm going to keep using it though... maybe my feelings will change. I think maybe for someone who has really bad under eye circles this may work pretty good. looking at your before picture, your's are pretty minimal!

  2. TKOmulatta, I am so glad there is someone else out there sharing my frustration with the Amazing Concealer, I seriously started believing there is something wrong with ME :) Now you're making me think twice, I wonder if I should keep it also and just make it work somehow? I was thinking my under eye area is bad, thanks for making me feel better girl! :)

  3. know I never ever used the concealer in my life but then I watched so many tutorials where girls use concealers I thought I must do something wrong and I need to get one to try , so I tried and looked 10 years older , like an dramatic theatre actress I thought it's not for me and that concealer was horrible ..
    I guess with concealers you need to have good product and good skills ..
    Your make up always looks so perfect ..and you look really young and beautiful ..