My 3s!!!

Everybody's doing it!!! I have been seeing this a lot lately, and I thought it was fun so I thought I'd do one myself. I wasn't tagged by anyone but I tag everyone who wants to do it :) Enjoy!

Three names I go by:
1. Ebrushka
2. Ebru
3. Wooooff wwoooof (means mommy in doggy language, yep!)

Three jobs I have had:
1. Bank teller
2. Receptionist
3. Sales Associate

Three places I have lived:
1. Istanbul, Turkey
2. Seattle, WA, USA
3. Chicago, IL, USA

Three favorite drinks:
1. Water
2. Diet Peach Snapple
3. Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte

Three TV shows I watch:
1. House Hunters
2. Keeping Up With The Kardashians
3. Tyra

Three places I have been:
1.Vancouver B.C. , Canada
2. London, England
3. Paris, France

Three places I would like to visit:
1. Santorini, Greece
2. Turks & Caicos

3. Italy  

Three people who text me regularly:
1. Daniel

2. Julia
3. Krisi

Three favorite old TV shows:
1. Friends
2. Fear Factor

3. Beverly Hills 90210

Three favorite dishes:
1. Spaghetti 

2. Gyros
3. Chipotle

Three makeup/beauty products I cannot live without:
1. Bronzer
2. Mascara
3. Lipstick

Three things I'm looking forward to:
1. Getting my Master's out of the way
2. Spending everyday next to the love of my life
3. Next vacay, where will it be I have no idea!


  1. ben de istanbulda yaşamıştım bir dönem. güzel tag, keyifliydi okumak :)

  2. Are you Turkish?

    I love these tags! :)

  3. wow! What was it like living in Seattle?x

  4. @ Takhisis, Istanbul gibisi yok :) Tesekkurler!

    @ Rai Yep, I'm Turkish ;) I love them too, did you do one?? If not, you should!

    @ MediterraneanX, Seattle is a beautiful city, seriously. Many people complain about it's rain but...I now live in Chicago and it rains here almost as much as in Seattle lol I love rain! What I loved a lot about Seattle was that it's green EVERYWHERE all year long. In Seattle, you have best of both worlds; mountains and lakes at the same time. And the skyline is simply breath taking, I would move back to Seattle in a heartbeat, really.

  5. ..I love some of turkish music ..and I love the Kardashians show as well - girls know how to have fun and they are just so beautiful..
    I like gyros and pasta as well ..
    interesting post my dear