FOTD: Birds & Berries + Blooming Lovely

Hey girls!

Wow I feel like I've been away from the blog world forever! I have been sick and not feeling like myself lately. Past few days included everything from chocolate to antibiotics but no make-up, it feels good to be back! So here's my fotd now that I feel good enough to put make-up on again. For this look, I (finally!) utilized my recently bought goodies from MAC ~ from the Give Me Liberty of London collection. Birds & Berries is a beautiful color which you can definitely build up. However, for this look I wanted something not too over the top, that's why you don't see the color as vibrant as it actually is. You can see the actual color on my lower lash line, purddyyy!

Here is what I used:

Face: Revlon Photo Ready Foundation, MSFN, MAC Peachykeen Blush
Eyes: UDPP, NYX Jumbo Pencil in Yogurt all over lid, MAC Era e/s on outer half, MAC Birds & Berries on crease and lower lash line, Anastasia Brow Duality highlighter, Sephora Flash Liner in Flashy Blue on waterline, Wet & Wild Mega Liner in black, CG Lashblast mascara
Lips: MAC Myth l/s, MAC Blooming Lovely l/s

I personally think Blooming Lovely, while a gorgeous color, can be a little too much. So I dabbed it on my lips lightly. I think lavender is just not my color (at least not in lipsticks) but regardless I love it, it's so pretty to look at!

What has everyone else bought from this collection? Or is it just not you? I heard some people say mean things about it lol


  1. very pretty look! I just got paid so I'm waiting for it to clear to go shopping and check out the collection. hopefully it doesnt run out before i get a chance to see it.

  2. Glad you're feeling better! Your eyes look gorgeous!

  3. Pretty! I'm not purchasing anything from thatcollection.

  4. @ Celly, whoohoo for payday! I hope they will still have what you want in stock, make sure to check the counters too, sometimes I get lucky because people seem to rush to mac stores and forget department stores have mac too, at least in my case :)

    @ Rai, thank you hun! I guess this collection doesn't appeal to most people, I know a few other people who didn't get anything from it. I can't wait for Back to the Beach in May!!! :)

    @ Myprincesss, tesekkurler!!! :)

  5. So pretty !I am happy you feel better <3