Mixed Haul - Walgreens, Target + Viva Glam GaGa

Hey lovies!

Lately I'm running out of something everyday, it's never ending, I find myself at a drug-store or market every single day! I have recently been to Walgreens because I needed hairspray and mascara. So I got myself the Aussie Instant Freeze Hair Spray, I wonder how my hair will hold up, it says Extreme Hold on it, but then again they all say that! Covergirl Lashblast is my HG mascara and I love it to pieces BUT I always like to try new stuff and love to write about them on my blog. Unfortunately I was taking WAY too long trying to decide what mascara to buy and finally pulled myself together and left without buying one because I just couldn't make up my mind. Instead I ended up buying the Wet 'n Wild gel liner in the weird UFO-looking container. Then today we ran out of hand soap and some other things that I just didn't realize we're about to run out of, so I thought I'd hit up Targé this time. Lately I'm totally a slacker when it comes to house needs, I need to go back to being organized ASAP. I thought hey while I'm here why don't I get a mascara, so I ended up going with L'oreal's Extra Volume Collagen, Eva Longoria was looking gorgeous supposedly wearing this mascara (and I am sure she wasn't) but she made me buy it! Then, I remembered I also need a bodywash. I love my Lush goodies but I also love my body washes. I am not really crazy about any of Lush body washes and since I was let down by my last body wash purchase at Bath and Body Works I wanted to give a try to something else. Whenever I go to Target I can't ever not go to the aisle where they have the Soap and Glory things, even if I always end up not buying anything because they are a bit on the pricey side. So today was nothing different, I went to that same aisle, sniffed everything and right when I was about to sadly walk away, WHAT DO I SEE???? This adorable bag, unfairly placed all the way on the bottom, stuffed with bunch of things like body wash, lotion, scrub, hand cream, AND a blow-up neck pillow, but wait this isn't it, all of this for $13.48!?! It was regularly priced at $26.99 and this means I HAD TO have it. It was a win-win situation, I really needed a body wash, and a neck pillow lol I do travel trans-Atlantic twice a year so I need to take care of my neck! Even though I love this little bag, highlight of my week (so far) is the Viva Glam GaGa lipstick from MAC. Yes!!! My hubby and I went to the mall on Monday for a different purpose, for him. But how is it my fault that men's section at Macy's is conveniently located right next to the MAC counter? So I had to at least pass by! One thing lead to another and I found myself with this lipstick in my hand at the register doing the puppy eyes look in order to get someone else besides myself to buy it for me. I know sometimes I forget that I'm 25, anyway so he got it for me, thank you hunny!


  1. Sweet haul honey =)
    You got the GAGA too I can't wait to get mine !!!!

  2. ..hello darlin ..thank you for such lovely comments : ))))) ..I know how it is ,with me is the same ,everything finish at the same time ..I wonder why it happens like that : ))) and you need to get everything for make-up bag ,shower ..hair products.... you know ..everything.. I love Aussie shampoon and conditioner - one of the best in my opinion ..I love max factor mascara - never let me down .. have a nice evening darlin..looks like you had a lovely day in shops anyway : )))