Macadamia Natural Oil - Macadamia Deep Repair Masque

Hey everyone!!!

I recently went to Ulta to buy cotton rounds and whenever I go to Ulta I walk around a bit to see if there is anything new. I was walking around in the hair section and these containers with lime-green lids caught my attention. So I walk over to them and see that it's a new haircare line which consists of shampoos, masques and other treatments. There was also no price on these, so I immediately knew they would be expensive lol I opened one of the bottles to smell it and WOW I fell in love with the scent right then and there. I didn't quite know what this smells was so I read the back like I always do to find out that it's Macadamia Oil! It smells nutty, and almost like there is a bit of coconut in it too. I didn't really need a shampoo but the Deep Repair Masque sounded like something I could use on my hair since I straighten my hair more than I should and really even though I am using my heat protective spray religiously, I am still damaging my hair! So I took the bottle with me to the register and discovered it's $28 (for 8.5oz) okay that was a little too much to spend on a hair masque.

 I took their website address, came home, logged on and found that they have a $5 sample pack which includes the masque AND the healing oil treatment. $5 didn't seem too much to give it a try. I received the package in speed of light, literally, it was here the next day all the way from Cali.! I tried the masque for the first time last night and I am just amazed by how good it is! I am not even talking about the smell which is awesome, but I am talking about how it feels on your hair. I have naturally wavy/curly and quite thick hair. I think the fact that my hair is thick causes it to be not so soft. Well we can't have everything we want! While in the shower, reading the instructions, I applied this masque to my shampooed and rinsed hair and left it on for 7 minutes and also combed it through. I felt that the masque went straight to work because I was able to very easily comb it right away. Now, I always comb my hair while in the shower after I apply my conditioner but I can never comb it right away because it takes a while for the conditioner to start working. 7 minutes later I rinsed it off which again was super easy, I noticed with other masques/treatments that I used you need to rinse for 5 minutes for everything to wash off. After towel drying my hair I could still smell the scent in my hair, I just slept for 9 hours (with my hair wet, simply because I like to air dry it unless I'm in a hurry) and the smell is still here! What is more important is that my hair is soft beyond words. After towel drying my hair last night I didn't brush it on purpose to see if my hair will be tangled when I wake up in the morning. Right now I'm sitting here with my crazy curly hair which has absolutely no tangles and is shining like a star and I can actually run my fingers through it! According to this little booklet I received along with the samples, Macadamia Deep Repair Masque is a combination of macadamia oil, argan oil along with tea tree oil (which I LOVE!), chamomile oil and aloe. I will definitely be purchasing this in full-size and will let you guys know how the Healing Oil Treatment works for me. Their website address is for those who are interested, I just checked and they still have the $5 sample pack.


  1. Merhaba Canim,

    ya birseyi cok merak ettim, sac boyanin markasi/rengi ney acaba ??
    Umarim dogal rengi degildir :)

    Cok begendim rengini...

  2. Merhaba Ozlemcim,
    Sacimi gecen sene Turkiye'deyken cikolata rengi gibi bi renge boyatmistim, ustunden bi sene gecti ve renk acildi su an sacimin alt kisminda sadece ayni zamanda alt kisimina bazi yerlerden sarilar attirdim. Ust kisim dogal rengim. Alt bana koyu kestanemsi bi renk gibi geliyor, dogal rengimde en koyu kahverenginin birkac ton acigi sanirim. Umarim yardimci olabilmisimdir :)

  3. Olmaz olurmusun Ebrucum, cok oldun hemde Tesekkür ederim :)

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