Oh LUSH how I love you so!

The first time I ever went to Lush was 6-7 years ago in Vancouver B.C. I probably wouldn't have if I didn't see 5 million people showering this place, ok maybe not 5 million but a lot of people! I thought, hey it must be something that these people wanna see! Turns out it was bunch of tables that had bunch of soap pyramids on them lol until I started seeing what these soaps looked like let alone how they smelled! I was amazed by all this smell in the air and certainly looking at these cute soaps that looked more like cookies of some sort, I wanted to eat them all! Don't you? To this day whenever I go to Lush, the thought of eating a soap because it looks edible still crosses my mind, then I remind myself they are soaps. Lately I am seeing many girls AND guys too now doing reviews and raving about their favorite Lush products, so I thought my time to rave has come!

All time favorite Lush products:

Ma Bar Bubble Bar

O.M.G! If you love chocolate, you will die for this, what a way to die! They must have had me in their mind while they were creating this piece of heaven! I call this toffee heath-bar mocha with a pump of white chocolate, it's yummy! It smells beyond this world good, the bubbles are just uh-amazing, they seriously last forever, you will wait for them to slowly disappear like most other bath bubbles and while you're waiting you will fall asleep in the tub believe me! I don't even know what to say about the way it looks, it definitely screams "EAT ME RIGHT NOW" You can easily get 3 uses out of this, then run to your closest Lush store ASAP because I'm telling ya, you should never be without this bubble bar, if you haven't tried this already, you better go pick some up soon, you're missing out honeys!

The Comforter Bubble Bar

I am having another OMG moment, and this bubble bar definitely deserves it! Obviously anyone who knows me would know exactly why I ever bought this bubble bar, umm because it's PINK and it's swirly, but let's lean towards the fact that it's pink, yeeaaahhh! They say don't judge a book by its cover, well in this case, do judge a book by its cover, I did and I couldn't be merrier than I am that I found this square of pinkness! I had no idea when I was buying this product how well it will do once I break it and put it in my bathtub, like I said I got it simply because it's pink oh and it smells delicious. To my surprise it exceeded my expectations even though I had none! Lush advises us to break it half and use it for 2 baths, I say break it in hundred pieces and use it that many times because to me half was just too much. Love bathing in pink water!
          Demon in the Dark - handmade soap

This is my go-to soap when I'm feeling under the weather. A few minutes spent with this soap in the shower definitely makes me feel better and cleaner too. If you're not a fan of (spear)mint scent, then this soap is not for you. I AM a fan of anything minty so I'm lovin' this soap! I heard some people say bad things about this soap like the fact that it smells "manly". I don't get how men and mint have in common, hello people, don't you chew spearmint gum?? Another thing I wanna point out is that Lush claims this soap makes green bubbles, and no it doesn't I'm sorry Lush. It lathers up nicely though, I'll give you that, just no green bubbles.

Alkmaar - handmade soap

I use this soap when I want something extra in my shower session, like something luxurious. This soap makes me feel like a queen for some reason, it must be the jasmine in it perhaps? I love how it lathers and leaves my skin baby-soft. I also think that this soap could be used in multiple ways because it's very milky and gentle. Consider using it as a hand soap or even a face soap. Love it when I can pay for one thing and use it 3 ways, yay!


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