Current Obsession: Bows

I don't know about you guys but right now, and I have been quite a while, I am absolutely obsessed with anything that has a bow on it! I know to many it may be a childish thing and I don't blame anyone who thinks that way, I remember the last time I was wearing bows, I was in first grade wearing piggy tails with bows on them, and that was 17 years ago! Can we say fashion repeats itself? Guess so! I just wanted to share with you guys some of my bow-y things that I am loving right now :) Everything except for the earrings (these are Betsey Johnson) are from Forever 21. I have yet to wear my recently bought blinged out ring (the one on the left) and the brown headband. These days I'm also really into leopard print, so I love working this leopard bow headband, ohhh yeah!

Here are the prices of the available items on, in case you are interested in purchasing, get them before they are gone! :)

Sateen Bow Headband in Brown (This comes in 5 colors!) : $3.80
Elegant Charm Necklace: $7.80
Bejeweled Bow Ring (which is the one with the tag) : $4.80
Holiday Bow Ring (Stripey one, in the middle, also comes in Pink/Navy combo) : $3.80


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