Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

Without a doubt BB creams took the Western world by storm this summer. Although I have never used the Asian BB creams (which are the real deal!) my extensive research has lead me to believe that this Garnier BB cream is actually not a BB cream as it's lacking the qualities of one. I have learned that, real BB creams have some kind of a concealing feature, higher SPF, anti-aging benefits and can easily be used by those with acne-prone or oily skin. Okay so what we all thought was a BB cream is actually not, but I love it regardless!

Bu yaza en buyuk damgayi vuran urunlerin BB kremler oldugu tartisilmaz. Daha once gercek bir BB krem kullanmis olmasamda hepimizin bildigi uzere, Amerika'da uretilen ve BB krem adi verilen bu urunlerin aslinda gercek BB kremlerle uzaktan yakindan hic bir alakasi yoktur. Yapmis oldugum arastirmalara gore, BB kremlerin kapatici ozelligi, SPF'in daha yuksek oldugu, yaslanmya ve kirisikliklara karsi etkili ve ayni zamanda yagli ciltler icinde uygun oldugunu ogrendim. Evet bu bir BB krem degil, ama seviyorum ne yapalim!

 Garnier BB cream with SPF 15 comes in 3 shades, Fair, Medium/Deep and Dark. I currently wear MAC NC35-37 and find Medium/Deep to match perfectly with my complexion. According to the packaging, the BB cream instantly:

Sadece 3 tonda uretilen bu BB kremde ten rengime en uygunu su siralar MAC NC 35-37 arasinda gidip gelen ben icin Medium/Deep. Kutuya gore bu BB krem aninda:
  • Renews / Yeniliyormus
  • Brightens / Aydinlatiyormus
  • Evens / Duzlestiriyormus
  • Hydrates / Nemlendiriyormus
I am not completely sure it actually renews but I can assure you that it definitely brightens up my face, evens skin tone for the most part and is very hydrating. It is not a full coverage product by any means. In fact when I apply it, pretty much all my facial imperfections are visible to the naked eye. I would place this BB cream between a light coverage foundation and a tinted moisturizer leaning more towards the latter. The finish it gives off is very reminiscent of a tinted moisturizer as it's more of a dewy glow. Its creamy consistency and texture is very easy to blend though not buildable. There is a floral scent to it (which I actually find pleasant) that dissipates within about 5 minutes of application.

Yenileme ozelligini oldugunu soyleyemeyecegim ancak yuzumu aydinlatmada, kusurlari azda olsa bulandirmada ve nemlendirmede basarili. Kesinlikle full kapaticiligi olan bir urun oldugunu soyleyemem. Hatta uygulamadan sonra, yuzumdeki daha buyuk kusurlari ciplak gozle gormek mumkun. Ben sahsen bu BB kremi hafif kapaticiligi olan bir fondotenle renkli nemlendirici arasinda bir yere koyuyorum. Ciltte fresh bir parlaklik yaratan ve dogal duran bitisi bana renkli nemlendiricileri animsatiyor. Kremsi yapisi sayesinde kullanimi ve yaymasi cok kolay. Hosuma giden hafif cicegimsi kokusu uyguladiktan yaklasik 5 dakika sonra kayboluyor. 

Since it is a moisturizing product, I would not recommend it for those with combination and/or oily skin. My skin type is normal and I absolutely love the way it looks and feels on my face. Because it doesn't cover much, I use a concealer with it. I can also easily wear it alone without having to set it with a powder. Of course, setting helps extend its longevity. With a powder, it lasts anywhere from 7 to 8 hours. Without a powder, you get a dewy finish that lasts about 5 hours before you begin seeing shiny spots on face. In the below photos, on top I am wearing the BB cream alone and bottom photos show how it looks with concealer, setting powder, bronze and blush.

Nemlendirici bir urun oldugu icin karisik ve yagli ciltli olanlara onermiyorum bu BB kremi. Kapatici ozelligi olmadigi icin benim icin kapatici sart. Pudrayla sabitlemedende kullandigim oluyor. Tabiki sabitlemek ciltteki omrunu uzatiyor. Pudrasiz, ciltte yaglanma baslamadan yaklasik 5 saat idare edebiliyor. Pudrayla ise 7-8 saat gidebiliyor. Asagida, ustteki fotolarda sadece BB krem alttakilerde ise kapatici, pudra, bronzer ve allik uyguladim.

Pros / Artilar
Lightweight / Hafif
Availability / Bulunabilirlik
Moisturizing / Nemlendirici
Improves skin texture / Cildin yapisinda gelisme

Cons / Eksiler
Scent may be bothersome / Kokusu rahatsiz edebilir
Not suitable for all skin types / Butun cilt tipleri icin uygun degil
Not very long-lasting / Kaliciliginin uzun olmamasi

Overall, it's a winner in my book. It's ideal for everyday wear and for me it's one of those "my skin but better" type of products. I find it to come very handy on those days I am not in the mood to wear a full face of makeup but don't want a bare face either. It has also been fantastic to use during the scorching hot Chicago summer thanks to its very lightweight formula. You can easily find this BB cream at most drugstores nationwide as well as Ulta for $12.99 for a 2.8oz tube. 

Sonuc olarak benim icin basarili bir urun. Hafif yapisi sayesinde gunluk kullanim icin ozellikle sicak yaz aylarinda ideal. Cok makyaj yapmak istemedigim ama makyajsizda disari cikmak istemedigim gunlerde favori urunum. Amerika capinda Ulta'da dahil olmak uzere neredeyse tum drugstorelardan $12.99'a temin edebilirsiniz.

Have you tried this or any other BB cream?
Bu ya da herhangi bir BB kremi denediniz mi?


  1. I have combination/oily skin and I like this "bb cream" as well, but I do need to wear a primer underneath and set it with a powder. And to anyone out there who's looking for an alternative, the L'Oreal Youth Code bb cream is a very similar product, but I find that the L'Oreal one holds up better on my skin.

  2. Thanks for your input and recommendation Tasia! I'm so happy to know that it works for someone with combination/oily skin, I have only heard negative feedback from others who have oily skin...finally someone who actually likes it! :)

  3. I like the top one, the dewy finish is just adorable.
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  4. I really like this BB cream, although I wouldn't wear it on a hot summer day for more than 6 hours. It's so easy to slide off the face!

  5. Really like this BB cream, I have the one for oily skin :) I wanna know wich eyeliner did you use? I really like the effect!

  6. I really wanted to like this but it broke me out almost instantly. I'm not sure what ingredients it has to make my skin react, but I normally love Ganier products. I recently bought the Missha Perfect BB Cream in #27 (the darkest color) and love it. My skin feels so soft and my acne has cleared up. You should look into it!

  7. You have good skin and its enough for u to look good. I have the oily version and its ok. ;)

  8. I never have problem with it even on super hot days (and we had a lot of them in Chicago :)) but I know what you mean, I feel the same about some other foundations and that's exactly why I stopped wearing regular foundations altogether this summer ;)

  9. Thank you! I used (and do almost everyday) Sue Devitt's Eye Intensifier pencil in Kenya and smudged it. I absolutely love the effect this pencil gives :)

  10. Oh no :( This was my first Garnier encounter and I thankfully had no breakouts, sorry about your bad experience. Trying this "BB cream" actually got me very interested in trying the Asian ones but I couldn't decide between Missha and Lioele. I am glad to know the Missha one has helped you with your acne, that's amazing!! ;)

  11. Thanks Lex, it's not good enough to go sans makeup but hey I won't complain :)

  12. Hey. BB cream also found on the website Yves Rocher. Does anyone of you know this brand? Does anyone use this brand of cosmetics?