Top 5 Bronzers

Back in the day my answer to "what is one makeup item you'd like to have with you if you were stranded on a deserted island" was always mascara. It's funny that in a matter of couple years that answer has changed to...bronzer! I feel like bronzer is the magic product that can make almost anyone healthier and younger. I don't sport a full face of makeup everyday but bronzer is just a must-have in my book!

Eskiden "issiz bir adaya dusseniz yaniniza alacaginiz tek makyaj urunu ne olurdu" sorusuna cevabim hep maskara olmustur. Ama bu cevap birkac sene icinde bronzlastiriciya donustu. Bronzlastirici bana gore hemen hemen herkesin daha saglikli ve dinc gorunmesini saglayabilen mucizevi bir urun. Hergun ful makyaj yapmasam bile, bronzlastirici olmazsa olmazim.

My very first bronzer, which isn't photographed here, was NARS Casino. I bought it when I was in high school and took care of it as if it was my child. Considering my age, it was anything but affordable. I used it like crazy over its lifespan of 2 years. Then I hit pan on it and it naturally shattered into pieces. Since then I have experimented with bronzers from many different brands (even though I reminisce about Casino from time to time, I think I will just have to repurchase it after all these years) but here are the 5 I have been the happiest with.

Ilk bronzlastircim NARS Casino idi. Lisedeyken aldigim ve cocugum gibi baktigim Casino yasimi ve o zamanlari dusunursek bana epey pahaliya patlamisti. 2 senelik hayatinda bu bronzlastiriciyi deli gibi kullandim diyebilirim. Sonra malesef dibi gorundu ve haliyle paramparca oldu. Bu hikayede boyle bitti. O zamandan bircok markanin bronzlastiricisini kullandim ama asagidaki 5liden sasmam!

Benefit Hoola (11.0g/0.40oz - $28)
Matte, blends very easily, buildable, no mirror, cardboard packaging isn't my favorite
Mat, dagitimi kolay, kat kat surulebilir, ayna yok, karton kutuda olusu pek etkileyeci degil

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel (30g/1oz - $48)
Creamy, mousse-like texture, long-lasting, bulky, pricey, very luxurious packaging
Kopuksu/kremsi yapida, kaliciligi uzun, iri, fiyati tuzlu, kutusu oldukca luks

elf Blush and Bronzing Duo Blushed/Bronzed (8g/.028oz - $3)
Slightly shimmery, very affordable, compact/mirror, can easily double up as a blush (I love using it as a blush)
Hafif pariltili, fiyati uygun, kompakt ve aynali, ayni zamanda allik olarak kullanilabilir (ben sahsen allik olarak cok seviyorum)

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil (10g/.35oz - $29)
Matte, smells like chocolate (!!!), long-lasting, buildable
Mat, cikolata kokulu, kaliciligi uzun, istenilen yogunluk icin rahatlikla kat kat surulebilir

theBalm Bahama Mama (7.08g/.25oz - $19)
Matte, smooth, has a mirror, light enough to take along, easily blends
Mat, yumusak, aynali, yaninizda tasimak icin ideal hafiflikte, dagitimi kolay

L-R: Soleil Tan de Chanel, Benefit Hoola, Too Faced Chocolate Soleil, theBalm Bahama Mama, elf Duo

What are your favorite bronzers?
Sizin favori bronzlastiricilariniz neler?


  1. Hoola and Chanel obsessed! Great post
    -Imani Love

  2. I'm working on a bronzers post too! Been really enjoying the Korres Monoi Oil Bronzer for an everyday bronzey glow.. I re-kindled my love for the chanel bronze universal too! It's just so flattering and a great base for any blush!

  3. I'm in love with Bronze Goddess soft matte bronzer by Estee Lauder!!!

  4. I love bronzers too! :) my favorite has to be the bourjois chocolate bronzer =D I love your picks!

  5. I have been using my nyc bronzer. i really want to try the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil though! thanks for sharing <3

  6. theBalm is definitely in my top few! I've tried Hoola and elf but they didn't show on my skin and I think I'd like them better in winter or spring. My other favorites are both by Sonia Kashuk. Her Bare Minimum Pressed Bronzer in Golden has such an awesome subtle sheen to it and her Illuminating Bronzer in Goddess makes me feel like I'm in a swimsuit ad. No joke :)

  7. Leslie semperwifeJuly 19, 2012 at 9:07 AM

    Benefit Hoola is my HOLY GRAIL! After reading many blogs I decided to pick up Sephora's Los Cabos Bronzer. While its beautiful in the pan and "compares" slighty to Hoola (wanted to less expensive one, and try something new) it just came off muddy on me (sadly)! I do however, like the swatch on the Balm Bahama Mama you have there I may give that one a try! (have the elf don't use it as much) . Great swatch, review! -Leslie

  8. That Elf powder looks great. I can't believe how cheap it is.


  9. i agree. it always shocks me when people say they skip bronzer or dont think they need it. absolute must have for me! i always apply it. it just makes my face look so much healthier and adds dimension. i really like the cargo med matte bronzer, i am almost finished with mine and ive had it forever!! i really enjoy laguna as well. i like soleil tan de chanel but it is such a pain to apply, i need to find a better brush to apply it with.

  10. The Chanel and Too Faced would make my top 5- but my most favorite this year and possibly of all time is the Mark Bronze Pro bronzer. It's the only one I have reached for this summer, and really since getting it in April. It's perfection and a bargain! :)

  11. I'd love to try the Chanel one - I don't have a creamy bronzer yet. wanna try it!!!
    and it looks very natural. Is it easy to blend?
    How many colours does this have???

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  12. I like the elf one too & at its such a great price. Benefit Hoola is also a fave of mine - gives such a great colour. I want to try the Chanel one looks beautiful

  13. I'm still trying to figure out my bronzer situation, so many of them are close to my skintone - I prefer nice dark and matte ones.

  14. Yaaay, The Chanel and Elf bronzers are my favourites too!!!