HanaAir Professional Hair Dryer

I was recently contacted by Misikko asking me if I'd like to try out and review Hanaair Professional Hair Dryer. It's now been couple of weeks since I started using it and my experience has been nothing short of excellent. I had no idea that a blow dryer that dries long and thick hair like mine this quick even existed, well, perhaps at salons. And that is exactly the result Hana gives, a salon quality, shiny and beautiful hair in the comfort of your own home!
Box of goodies

Hanaair Professional Hair Dryer offers a sleek Italian design that features a scratch resistant shell and a black metallic finish which makes it more durable and easy to clean. It features three heat settings, two fan settings and a cold shot which can be used to hold a curl. For pinpoint styling and accuracy, it also comes with a concentrator nozzle. On my hair using the nozzle makes a huge different especially when I'm straightening my hair. I was surprised to see (because every other drier I've ever used had like 5") that it has a 12" cord which I can literally take from one room to another, it gives me more freedom to move around. It is noticeably less noisy than any other hair dryer I've used in my life. Another important thing I want to point out is the fact that it is much more environmentally safe as it has low EMF.

Quick facts about my experience...

Decrease in drying time - went from a good 20 minutes to a great 6:41 minutes!
More volume and less static - thanks to the ion technology!
Leaves hair softer - Hair  feels softer to touch especially compared to my other dryer that left my hair coarse which I then had to fix by adding more products to my hair to make it look/feel smoother.
Results in shinier hair - My hair is visibly shinier both after blow drying and after styling.
Reduced noise level - Quieter than all of the other blow dryers I have used in the past.

Natural, wet hair

My hair after fully blow dried
L - half way styled R - fully styled
 In summary, it takes me approximately 6 minutes to fully blow dry my hair and an additional 15 minutes to style it using Hana. In total of 21 minutes, I have shiny, healthy hair I absolutely love! It usually takes me (or rather used to take me with my old hair drier) close to 20 minutes to dry my hair and an hour to flat iron. I'm stoked to be saving so much time!

I'm so excited that I had the chance to try Hanaair. For me, it's the perfect hair dryer as it has everything I would ever need in a hair dryer and more. Before, I wouldn't really expect a hair dryer to provide additional volume and shine as long as it dried my hair in as little time as possible, but this product does it anyway! Even my hubby approved of it and was amazed at how soft my hair feels! I can't find a single thing I don't like about it and I absolutely recommend it to anyone who is tired of cheap hair dryers that just don't perform, like I was. While this dryer is sort of an investment with its $314 price tag (it is currently on sale at Misikko's website for $194.99), I honestly think it's worth every penny. I can see myself using this hair dryer for many, many years as it totally transforms my hair!

Misikko carries many different professional brands of blow dryers, flat irons as well as other products for all your haircare needs! They also offer free shipping on order of $50+ ;)

Have you tried this hair dryer? 

Disclaimer:  Products mentioned in this post were provided by Misikko for reviewing purposes. I was not paid to blog about these products.. My reviews about any product on my blog are and will always be written in total honesty.


  1. I absolutely need a new hair dryer..but have yet to do the groundwork and research which I should get. The folks at Misikko are so sweet, and have excellent customer service so I will probably begin my search there. To see how much time you've saved...wow!

  2. ok. i think i need to save up for this for when my hair gets long. it takes forever to dry. but investment indeed!! wow!

  3. your hair is so beautiful!!! love the review, you and Kate Gene have made me quite interested in this bad boy :)

  4. You have lovely hair girl!

    I got sent this dryer too. lol Seems like a lot of us did.

  5. I've been on the lookout for a better hairdryer recently (never heard of this brand though & don't think it's available in the UK) because I find drying my hair to be so tedious. Great review!

  6. Amazing! me encanta HanaAir secador de pelo profesional tiene más colores por ejemplo rojo ...