Too Faced Romantic Eye

I have been loving me a lot of Too Faced lately! It's great to branch out and try brands that I don't usually use too many products of. Too Faced is, or I should say, was one of those brands that I always loved but just didn't own much of. As soon as I found out they are coming out with a new eye palette, I knew it had to be mine! I wasn't planning on buying it this soon, but while at Ulta the other day, one swatch of all the colors and I was sold!

Packaging is to die for! I love the floral details, it's so cute, feminine and spring-y! It's the same as all the other Too Faced eye palettes, except Romantic Eye does not have the little drawer that houses a small brush. Honestly, I can't say I am that sad about it. The cardboard packaging is bulky as it is and there is no need to make it bulkier by adding a drawer with a brush that most of us will not use anyway.

We have the same instructional cards in this palette just like the other Faced palettes. There are three of them; Day, Classic and Fashion. I don't really use the cards, but they are a nice touch and if you need some inspiration, well, there you have it! )

Romantic Eye features a mix of nine shimmery and matte shades. Colors have a very buttery soft texure, go on super smooth and all of them have great pigmentation. I haven't experienced fall-out from any colors like I did with "Nude Beach" in Too Faced Natural Eye palette. None of the colors have glittery textures so nothing to worry about! Too Faced eye shadows never disappointed me thus far! I love the names of colors in this palette; as you can tell, the theme is bridal and wedding-like.

How would I describe these shades?

Soulmates - Shimmer - Pale cream
I Do - Matte - Taupe
Un-veil - Matte - Black
Kiss the Bride - Matte - Pale/Baby Pink
Cut the Cake - Shimmer - Lavender
First Dance - Matte - Deep Purple
Bouquet Toss - Matte - Pale Yellow
Honeymoon - Shimmer - Green/Gold
Ever After - Shimmer - Brown/Bronze

I am already in love with Romantic Eye and so glad that I decided to bring it with me on my trip! My most favorite shades are Cut the Cake and Honeymoon because I don't have anything like them in my collection :)

What do you guys think about Romantic Eye?


  1. Very pretty! :) The swatches are so gorgeous!

  2. What a gorgeous palette, i want the natural eye one more though!

  3. I'm GOING TO BUY this ASAP!! Haha seriously. It's amazing. Ulta here I come! :)

  4. omg i neeed! thank u so much for the swatches! have a great trip!

  5. I haven't tried Too Faced before but this has sold me! I'll be getting some soon! :)

  6. It's gorgeous. Yes you're right it's less bulky with out the drawer with those useless brushes. I have the Smokey Eye palette and I love it. This one is on my list now. :)

  7. I think this palette is really pretty! cute names, gorgeous shades...I like it!!
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  8. Ooooh pretty, and the shades look pretty pigmented! I have the Natural Eye Palette and I love it (=

    Great pictures! =D

  9. stunning colors, too faced always does such a good job with putting together palettes

  10. I've been thinking lately about how I want to get a Too Faced palette. This one might be my favorite of the three!

  11. I've been lusting after this palette for a while now but it hasn't reached australia yet (where I'm from). I'm tempted to buy online, and your swatches look great! If their natural eye palette is anything to judge by, then I'll definitely love this one.


  12. I've been so tempted by the other Two Faced palettes, but your swatches have definitely converted me!

    I think this has to move to the top of my wishlist!

    ♥ Jessica

  13. I need to look at this palette again, I swatched while in Sephora but just couldn't get good payoff on the shadows. Then again, the tester was absolutely destroyed, haha. I love how it looks though!

  14. it's so pretty lady!! i love these posts from you :)

  15. I love the swatches!!! And the fact that it's not the classic neutral palette - yet, still, easily wearable!!! Great choice hun!


  16. I want it! I love Too Faced. Nice pictures.

  17. Haha I love this palette and bought it as soon as it came out too! I agree with you that the colors are unique and I didn't own anything like these before, not even from Urban Decay...!

    I am SO in love with the "Soulmates" shade. I keep hoping that Too Faced will release a full sized version of this color. Honeymoon is another favorite of mine but I don't find myself wearing it all that often. I like Soulmates so much because it's light enough with just the right amount of shimmer to it that I can wear it for something professional, even, and it's not too over the top but does provide a nice glow. But then again I am super pale so mebbe I can get away with it. xD

    Love your blog btw! <3

  18. omg i neeed! thank u so much for the swatches! have a great trip!

  19. Hey do you know if too face repackaged everything? Because i brought the natural eye palette today and it doesn't come with the brushes :S

  20. As far as I know no. I think Romantic Eye was the only one that didn't come with the brush. Where did you buy yours?