Diorskin Poudre Shimmer Amber Diamond

I can't even remember how long I withheld myself from purchasing this gorgeous highlighter, all I remember is that I first saw it on my dear friend Obsessed Makeup Addict's lovely blog back in the day and have been lusting over it since then! It's kind of hard to bring yourself to shell out dough ($48 eeek!) for a highlighter because it's just a highlighter for crying out loud! But if you are anything like me and love to highlight your face daily and you want a high quality product which will make you glow beautifully then this product is well worth the money...and the hype!

This is my first Dior beauty purchase ever! Last time I felt this luxurious about a beauty product was when I purchased my first YSL lipstick! I had the same experience with this Dior product. The packaging alone makes the whole experience grand. I know I sound cheesy but it's true! So, as you can see in the above pictures, this multi-purpose product comes in this navy blue glossy packaging with silver lettering which nests in a black felt pouch. I think the little pouch is a nice touch however I don't think it's that practical. It also collects dust like I've never seen before, so I won't be using it much.

The sleek, blackened navy blue compact has Dior embossed in silver in addition to holographic CD in a lighter blue shade right under it which looks amazing!

There are a total of five finely-milled shades that include (left-right) a thin stripe of cream, wider section of champagne, thin stripe of coppery-bronze, and wider sections of both peachy-champagne and light gold. The texture is very smooth and they apply on skin very smoothly. I swipe my brush through all of them for my cheekbones and I love using cream and champagne colors on inner corners of my eyes . Cream alone makes a really good brow bone highlighter! If you want to highlight more areas, another one is the cupid's bow (which I don't highlight necessarily) which was a tip from the Dior make-up artist who applied this all over my face! All of these shades can also be used as eye shadows.

One thing I don't like about highlighters in general that they are impossible to take decent photos of. These photos do not do this product justice! If you are searching for something shimmery for your cheekbones  definitely go and check out this beauty in person!

 Amber Diamond looks especially gorgeous on cheek bones in my opinion, it may be due to the fact that I don't have anything quite like it but I do have highlight colors for my brow bone already. It's nothing reminiscent of  MAC Mineralize Skin Finishes, which are usually on the chunkier side. I personally do not like that much shimmer/glitter on myself. Amber Diamond provides just the right and subtle amount of glow without empowering your entire face. The pigmentation of all five shades are amazing as you can see in my swatches. I'm happy to finally own this amazing product and will definitely be repurchasing it when the time comes. My 'guesstimate' is that, it won't be for another year or so. It looks like it will last a long time!

Do you own Amber Diamond? What is your favorite highlighter?


  1. OMG, the highlighter is GORGEOUS beyond words! My favorite highlighters usually come from the MAC MSF collections, but Dior one is breath taking. I am not too surprised why you were lusting after it. I am too!!

  2. You are so beautiful, love the pics! And you know you made me buy an Amber Diamond for myself just today! Haha, you little devil ;) I freaking love it though!

  3. Im probably gonna go out and buy this since you've been talking about this like crazy! It looks beautiful on you!! Your swatches turned out great though..But dang! $48!! need to think about that real hard..Im kinda cheap. Lol

  4. cok güzelsin sen ya ebru *_* bayildim !!

    bu dior´un highlighter´ini her yerde görür oldum, ben de meraklandim simdi ;))

    ben su an bobbi browndan kullaniyorum..

    swatchlar icin tskler.


  5. ..hey sweetie ..to be honest I don't use any highlighter but I have some make up wish list to buy and try to experiment with new things..when I am checking make-up blogs I am blowned away by girls who are so good in it ..you look gorgeous and as always perfect perfect eyebrows ..

    ..hope you are all right and Happy New to you and your family : )

  6. That's gorgeous! It's nice to splurge on something that you've been wanting for so long!

  7. Gercekten cok güzelsin ve harika makyaj yapiyorsun, cok begenerek okuyorum blogunu uzun zamandir ama galiba ilk kez yaziyorum, civcivinde türkce yazdigini görünce icimden geldi : ) masallah sana!

  8. Oh my!! it looks gorgeous on you!!!You are so beautiful hun!!Thank you so much for the swatches and the review,it was in my wish list but now I want it badly!!
    Take a look at my blog also cause you are lovely and stylish!!!

  9. love it!!! you look so great with it on, it's on my wishlist and i shouldve bought it with my recent sephora gift cards, grrrr

    didnt know there were 5 shades, i thought it was 3!

  10. omg i love your eye color!!!!! gr8 review i have this and dont regret it at all, and i am seeing the feeling is mutual amongst beauty bloggers!

  11. I'm catching up with reading all the blogs I've missed this past week, and I'm sooooooooooo glad to see you like this!!! I would have owed you $$ if you didn't ;)

    I don't purchase other highlighters anymore because I always compare them to this! You look gorgeous....as usual!

  12. Great review and WAY too tempting. One of these babies may just find its way into my online shopping bag!

  13. Love it, simply love it! Great review doll!


  14. Gercekten cok güzelsin ve harika makyaj yapiyorsun, cok begenerek okuyorum blogunu uzun zamandir ama galiba ilk kez yaziyorum, civcivinde türkce yazdigini görünce icimden geldi : ) masallah sana!