I had been impatiently waiting for OPI's Burlesque collection to hit stores so I can go and get this sparkly little number. Last week while at Ulta my wandering eyes spotted these OPI holiday nail polish duo + body shimmer which were just hanging out behind the registers. I asked the salesgirl if they have the individual ones and she said no. So what's a nail polish addict to do? I bought the duo with the body shimmer (which I knew I would never use, what does body shimmer have anything to do with nail polish OPI?). Recently I was at Ulta again and saw these babies in individual packaging! So I returned the duo and here I am with the one I wanted: Sparkle-icious! I normally don't like this much glitter in a nail polish, I have no clue why the sudden change in my taste! There are a total of 12 colors in this collection, 6 being glittery and 6 regular ones.

This nail polish is packed with a lot of tiny gold, blue and pink glitter! It's a glitter lovers dream come true! I did two coats to make sure there are no empty spots. One coat does a decent job but it you will see spots. Application was a breeze thanks to the amazing OPI brush. I noticed that this nail polish dries much faster than a regular polish. It may be due to all the glitter, who knows!


After my purchase, I immediately started brainstorming ideas of what I would pair this up with. (I know I'm crazy but that's what happens when you love nail polish as much as I do!) I initially thought it would look pretty with a purple or pink base. Honestly I was not planning to wear it by itself. But then something magical happened when I painted my pinky with two coats of Spakle-icious. I think I love it just by itself after all!

Index Rimmel Steel Grey, Middle Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power, Ring OPI Pamplona Purple, Pinky Sparkle-icious

My most favorite is definitely my PINKY! I also really like it over Steel Grey. Purple is ok, I don't think I would do pink. It was a fun experiment, now I know what to avoid! :) 

I love holiday collections, who doesn't? I think OPI has done a great job with this year's collection. Colors are amazing and there are 12 of them! That's plenty for everyone to find at least one shade they like! When I first saw the swatches online, I really wanted Bring on the Bling, but the purple-ish look of Sparkle-icious really captured my heart so I went with it in stead. I will definitely make Bring on the Bling mine as well though!

Have you bought a nail polish from the Burlesque collection?


  1. That is so pretty! Great for the holidays! Love it! :)

  2. I love anything that sparkles!

    So prettyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That looks so pretty and a treat for holidays!!Love it on you!!!

  4. This polish just makes me so happy to be a girl:) lovely

  5. I LOVE these polishes, but haven't bought one yet cause I can't decide! Maybe I'll have to get this's so beautiful!

  6. I got the mini four pack which included Rising Star, Take the Stage, The Show Must Go On!, and Ali's Big Break. Then I got the full size Let Me Entertain You and Sparkle-Icious! It was hard choosing which glitter to get as I don't wear glitter a lot. So I figured Sparkle would go with anything and got it... Soooo happy I did!


  7. Oooh I have to check this collection out! =)

  8. Hehe, I have the glitters from the Alice in Wonderland collection, and like you, I preferred them on their own!
    This one looks really pretty, but my heart is set on Bring on the Bling! :) xx

  9. This polish just makes me so happy to be a girl:) lovely

  10. sparkle-icious is one of my favorites.... that 2nd pic totally captures the different it