Went Shopping...In My Stash!

Just like any other make-up addict, I have an unnecessary amount of make-up and unfortunately I cannot stop it from growing. It sounds like and probably is insanity to keep purchasing make-up while I already have more than I will ever need. I 'sort of' came back to my senses and decided to shop my stash to see what I can use up, so I will at least feel a bit better. I hate when I have to throw stuff out because they got old. So here are some of my unloved products that will be getting love from me starting...now!

P.S.: I'm planning to have a little basket/box to keep out in the open which will hold these products, so I will actually use them! :)

Smashbox Lipgloss in Sweet

I remember the day I purchased this lip gloss at Ulta. It was part of the Wicked Lovely collection which came out in Fall of 2008. So that was exactly 2 years ago! Why do I never use it? I have no idea. I'd describe this color as a nude apricot. It's such a pretty and versatile lip-gloss that goes perfect over lipsticks such as MAC's Shy Girl (which is one of my faves)!

Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzing Powder

I actually did not buy this bronzer but I got it with my Ulta quarterly certificate, so basically it was free. I don't know if that has anything to do with me neglecting this lovely product. I personally prefer matte bronzers over shimmery ones. Pink Leopard has quite a bit of shimmer in it so I will most likely not use it all over my face but as a highlighter on cheek bones and down my nose etc.

Jesse's Girl Bejeweled Eye Shadow Quad - 432A-4

I bought this quad shortly after falling in love with it on one of Julieg713's videos on YouTube. Colors in this quad are just gorgeous and crazy pigmented. For the price, this quad is of superb quality! They are also very suitable for the season. Looks like fall to me!

Jesse's Girl Eye Dust in Cafe Au Lait

I purchased this eye dust along with the quad I mentioned above. I did use it quite a bit but then it somehow got pushed way back into my eye shadow drawer. I would describe the color as a shimmery peachy/champagne/tan. It is very gorgeous and looks amazing with it all over the lid and a dark crease color like dark plums and grays..

Have you guys rediscovered any unused products in your make-up collection?


  1. I love those shadows, especially the pigment... for some reason I always reach for shades like that. I need to check out Jesse's Girls! I think I've seen it at Rite Aid but always just passed by it.

  2. the too faced bronzer looks perfect for fall and winter days!

    I've an insane amount of makeup like you lol and i did try to rotate(use a different blush everyday) but it failed. hahaha

  3. I've been feeling the same way about a lot of my makeup. I need to be honest and admit it hasn't totally stopped me from picking up things..but I have a similar area where I'm keeping the items I'm trying to use up. I really love a finished product..it's kind of thrilling! I have a feeling a lot of us in the beauty blogging community are catching this bug... :)

  4. I need to start shopping in my stash too! I have plenty of unloved products that needs some lovin' too! That looks like a pretty l/g and the Jesse's quad looks so pretty! Hows the pigmentation?

  5. Almost everyday! :) I discover products stored in the back or bottom of my makeup drawers :p Recently, I started using my Smashbox highlighting quad which i've had for awhile now! =p The lip gloss is so pretty! :)

  6. I was reorganising my palettes the other day and the same thoughts came to my mind.. there's too much stuff that's left pretty much intact after a couple of swatches... sad, but true!
    And when it comes to lip products... that's a whole other sad story...if I don't use up most of them in the next year, they 're all headed straight for the bin!!!


  7. You have inspired me! I was thinking last night that I need to buy yet another set of drawers for more makeup storage but I should just use up some of what I have instead!

  8. gorgeous colors ,, loved all the products ,,
    am tempted to go buy that bronzer ,, ive seen it everywhere on blogger and youtube =( allot of rave over it ,, =( want it .

  9. I've been doing the same thing. I clean out and rotate my makeup and change up what I keep in the open so I can start using up my stuff more. I love that bronzing powder, I've had my eye on it for a while...I think it's the leopard print ;)

  10. The Leopard Bronzing Powder looks soooo pretty!!

  11. i'm always trying to pull out "forgotten" items b/c my mu addiction is embarassing, i too own sweet and i LOOOOVE it!! love to see you're creating a basket for these sorts of items!

    now i want Jesse's Girl Eye Dust in Cafe Au Lait...oh goodness!

  12. I need to start doing that cause with these rythms I'll have so much make up and no area left in my face to put it!!!
    So yeah!Great idea and I must must must finish some of them!!
    ....And then get some more!!

  13. I love the lip gloss and the pigment. I'm crazy about Smashbox lip glosses lately :)

  14. @TKOmulatta these are very good eye shadows, especially for how much they cost they are AMAZING! I usually reach for shades like this too but I am training myself to stay away because how many neutral shades can a girl have! lol I love Rite Aid, used to shop there all the time when I lived in Seattle :)
    @ Jennifer, I think it’s great for year round, since I wrote this post I am actually doing a pretty good job using up these products, especially the bronzer and the quad :) Hey just because it failed doesn’t mean you can’t go back and retry! :)
    @ fantastic ahhh I sooo know what you mean! I mean I’m trying to use these up but I cannot stop buying! It really doesn’t help in that case but at least I am using them, so to me that’s still better than them just sitting in drawers. It’s a disease though, I can’t deny that! lol
    @ Miss Nikka, I love the lipgloss, it’s gorgeous! I will post some swatches for the quad for you girlie, pigmentation is very amazing. I think it’s as good as a MAC eye shadow, really! I have bought eye shadows in the past that ended up having the worst pigmentation ever which I later tossed. I know it’s waste of $ but I just don’t want to ever wear bad make-up :/
    @ Rainy Days and Lattes, good for you girl! Glad there are others who are in the same boat as I am :) I hope you can continue to use it and finish it!
    @ tina_mbc That’s exactly what I’m planning to do. We buy all this stuff to never use, sadly! Then it goes old, and we put old stuff on our faces. That’s not good, at all! I will do a deep cleaning in my collection and really just get rid of everything that was bought a long time ago!
    @ Ann, Glad I could help girl, use those products up!! :)
    @ Princess Feef, it’s very pretty but it is a bit too shimmery to be an all over bronzer in my opinion. I personally do not use it as a bronzer but more of a highlighter, either way the colors in it are very gorgeous!
    @ Gaby, it is! Even if you don’t use it, it’s still pretty to look at lol!
    @ Janine, isn’t it gorgeous?? I thought I was the only one who was aware of the existence of this lipgloss! lol I just had to do the basket thing, otherwise I know I won’t use it. Makes it so much easier to use them! I don’t even know what we got ourselves into with all this make-up addiction, it’s a disease!
    @ Blushingloves, LOL me too hun, me too! Let’s use them up and then go shopping for more, yeahhh! :)
    @ Tavia, I really enjoy smashbox lipglosses, they have great pigmentation, color options, texture etc…Love that they are not sticky at all! :)