Things I ♥ Now

I've been such a bad blogger for the past week! I actually do have numbers of posts ready but I need to snap pictures for all of them and the decreasing daylight hours just isn't helping :) 

Here are a few finds and things I am enjoying lately...

 Slatkin & Co. Candles from Bath and Body Works

 I have bought these candles in another scent during last holiday season. Unfortunately they do not make that scent anymore :/ But the two I got are just as amazing! I am kind of indecisive about whether the $20 price tag for one candle is too much or not. I'm leaning more towards 'Yes they are'. But these candles do burn amazingly and smell yum-o! Frosted Cupcake makes my entire house smell like I am actually baking them in the kitchen. Normally I wouldn't pay $20 ($19.50 is actually how much one costs) for one candle but they had a 2/$20 deal so obviously that changed everything! Plus I love to be festive!

You can see how much I love Frosted Cupcake, it's almost gone!

Personalized Stationery

I've always been fascinated by the world of stationery! I love to give cute thank you cards to friends and family during the holiday season or even with just a gift and I love it even more when they're personalized. It adds a nice touch to gift-giving in my opinion. I got these personalized note cards from a company called 'Pear Tree Greetings' as result of a random Google search. I have shopped from other stationery companies in the past (and I still love them) regardless I wanted to give this company a try because their stuff looks very cute and definitely reflects my style!

Michael Kors Watch + David Smallcombe Cuffs

This is such an effortless, timeless, versatile and wear & go type of deal and I love that. Not to mention it matches with everything! Big watches aren't for everyone but I love them. If you do too and are on the lookout for one then definitely check out Michael Kors watches!

I love Target and shop there quite frequently (who doesn't?!) but I never bought any of their jewelry. Then I met this cute necklace! It comes with an 18-inch chain, hangs beautifully from the neck and it sparkles like it was bought from some expensive jeweler!

Last but not least, I'm enjoying lots of long walks with my pooch Muffin. The nice weather won't be here for long and the brutal Chicago winter is right around the corner so we're trying to make the most of it! :)

P.S.: Cosmetics version of this post is coming up soon :)

What are you guys loving these days?


  1. I have that watch and love it! It's amazing :)

  2. I love those posts!!And hun your watch is soo gorgeous!!Plus pendant super cute!!!

  3. I love my Frosted Cupcake candle too, thanks to you! I agree that $20 is kind of hefty for a candle but they really are amazing and they do a great job at filling your whole house with the fragrance, something that cheaper candles don't always do. Your compass necklace is adorable too...gotta love Target!

  4. Oh I love those candles too, I need to try frosted cupcake!! MK watch, im soo jealous. Haha..Aww muffin is sooo cute, my lil oreo looks like him now that he has long fur. And I dont want it to snow yet in chicago..nooo! Im not ready, im enjoying this cool fall weather, not too cold just right.

  5. I love that watch! I've been eyeing one from Michael Kors, I may have to give in and get it. Your little Muffin looks adorable!

  6. Those candles must smell yummy!!! And what a cute doggie hehe ^^

  7. Awww Muffin is soooo cute :) I love your watch - I shall need to make a subtle birthday wishlist and leave it about the house by "accident" lol. no :) x

  8. @ Dani M, yay! I love love loveee this watch, wear it everyday :)
    @ Blushingloves, thanks lady glad you enjoyed this post xoxo
    @ WillWorkForMakeup, can you believe I'm almost finished with both of these candles, and I think BBW doesn't have that deal anymore, we will have to find a cheaper alternative now! :)
    @ Miss Nikka, you must try Frosted Cupcake, it's seriously amazing! Aww Oreo :) Girl, I'm not ready for snow at all! I'll take this nasty wind over snow any day! :)
    @ Ann, thanks girl! Definitely check out MK watches, they are all gorgeous :)
    @ Gaby, they really do, thanks girlie :)
    @ Muhsine, Muffin says wooooof wooof for your lovely comment :)) You need this watch, leave that wishlist somewhere - VISIBLE! :) I'm thinking to include a gold one in my bday wishlist for this year, girl needs watches!

  9. Those candles must smell yummy!!! And what a cute doggie hehe ^^