Mini MAC Haulage + My Blooming Lovely Trick

Hey girls!!!

I have recently been to MAC because I had some empty containers for back 2 MAC and here is what I got in return. I also picked up 2 other eye-shadows. I couldn't help it, they were staring at me! :)

Peachy Brown with shimmer

Texture just kept popping up everywhere I looked and now I understand why. It's gorgeous! I've seen it mostly used on crease but I'm sure it'll be just as beautiful as a lid color. 

Muted blue-gray 

I can't believe I've never SCENE this! What I love about this color is that it's not blue and it's not gray but a mixture of the two. I guess it's safe to call it slate gray. This shade is great if you are a bit intimidated by color but still want to wear it. I think it's pretty versatile and can easily be worn during day-time without looking overdone.

Seedy Pearl
Chilled lavender pink

The color is a mix between pale pink and lavender duo-chrome. It has an iridescence to it and can be used as a highlight on cheeks as well. When applied on eyelid, the color turns into more of a pale metallic pink It's a pretty unusual shade, definitely don't have any dupes for this. I am curious to see how it'll work into the looks I'll do..

Fulfilled Plushglass 
Full-blush Creamy Pink

I definitely did not plan to walk out with Fulfilled in my bag. In fact this is my first plushglass ever. As I was checking out at the register, the make-up artist's blush caught my eye so I asked her. She said it was Prim and Proper from the Liberty of London collection. (She also has porcelain-like skin and looks like a doll so that's probably why it looks perfect on her :)) I told her I was such an idiot for not purchasing that blush and that in stead I got Blooming Lovely and now I have no idea how to make it work for me. So another make-up artist suggested Fulfilled. I asked him to put some Snob on my lips (which I think is the closest permanent color to Blooming Lovely) and apply Fulfilled on top. It was just amazing! If you're having issues with your Blooming Lovely and don't want to toss it, try applying it with a very light hand (and if possible with a lip brush so it's easier to adjust the amount of color that goes on your lips) that way there is some color but it's not "hey I just spent an hour in the freezer" kind of color. Then try Fulfilled on top or a similar sheer gloss. I think the pink in this lip gloss overpowers the blue undertones of Blooming Lovely thus creating a softer and more wearable shade. I'm so glad I got this! Don't get me wrong, if Blooming Lovely works for you or I should say if you can make it work then I'm happy for you and I envy you :) Mauve just looks horrible with my skin tone. I don't know what I was thinking, could it have been the cocktails at the preview?!

*Color descriptions are taken from


  1. wow blooming lovely with fulfilled looks amazing!

  2. Thx for sharing :)
    Love the seedy pearl and the lipstick is just waouuuuuuuuuuu :)

  3. Lol Ebru you are on a MAC binge! But I love the colours, I think I have scene..or print, I'm not sure. But I was shocked at texture's swatch, I didn't expect it to be that dark! Love the colours darling, great choices.

  4. Texture is on my list. Very pretty color.

  5. I sooo need Fulfilled and Texture SAP! Great haul and good for u making Blooming work for ya ;-)

  6. Hi Ebru

    Thank you very very very much for ur sweet comment :)

    The lipstick I'm wearing is Rimmel Colour Show Off Lipstick in the shade 140 KISS ME. That's the link

  7. omg gorgeoussss texture looks amazing !!

  8. OOOOh I like texture and scene! I personally prefer the blooming lovely & fulfilled combination. Very pretty! I have Snob and I pair it with C-Thru lipglass.

  9. omg gorgeoussss texture looks amazing !!

  10. Texture is on my list. Very pretty color.

  11. dupe for seedy pearl is the body shop's eye shimmer #06
    i use it since many years and it's exactly like seedy pearl.