June Favorites

Hey girls!

It's that time of month again, time for the monthly favorites! Can't believe it's already July, summer is going by way too fast!

One of my most favorite products in June and this summer has been my Physician's Formula Tinted Moisturizer. I feel really good wearing this both because it does a pretty good job covering up (though it's not a foundation) without feeling like a heavy foundation and more importantly it's SPF 50.

I have also been loving my Plaza Pink creme blush in June and will most likely continue doing so throughout July and maybe August, we'll see! :) It's such a pretty color, feels really light on skin and stays put for a long time.

I haven't really found myself wearing so much lipstick or lip gloss in June. It's seriously so hot and humid in Chicago that I want to keep what I put on my face as minimal as possible. My EOS lip balm occasionally topped off with NYC Lip Slider Tined Lip Balm for some color surely delivers, so I still have my girliness going on without looking and feeling overdone.

I just kept reaching for Rimmel's Steel Grey for my fingernails in June. I know, for many people this is not a summer color but I really like it. I just kept reapplying Steel Grey, it's really pretty. My toes had their way with the lovely Lapis of Luxury from Essie's 2010 Resort Collection.

My eye lashes loved Maybelline's new mascara The Falsies in June. I read some mixed reviews on it but my experience has been great. It's more lengthening than I thought it would be and especially compared to The Colossal, it's awesome! I will have a review on it one of these days.

Okay so maybe I don't like wearing heavy make-up during summer months, but my eyes definitely can't be bare. If I don't have eyeshadow on, and this month just wasn't an eyeshadow kind of month, I must at least have mascara and eyeliner. My choice of eyeliner this month was Lineur Intense by L'oreal. Felt-tip makes it so much easier to use and the formula is great. It stays on all day and no smudging! Nobody likes raccoon eyes!

What about you guys??


  1. I want these rouges in NYC's cream but to Spain they are not going to come: (

    What an envy!!

  2. I love the NYC Plaza Pink Creme Blush! It's such a gorgeous pinky-coral. Those EOS Lip Balms are so cute!

    That's IT! I've got to go out to Walgreens right now and see if they have them in stock.


  3. I did not know physicians formula had a tinted moisturizer... I'm going to check it out.

  4. LOVE Rimmel's Steel Grey! I have it on my fingers and toes right now =) It's such a great, versatile color.


  5. I love the EOS lip balms xx

  6. We're the same, my eyes can't be bare too! Love using the Lineur Intense by L'oreal as well.:D

    Hope you are having a lovely week!:D

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  7. I also love the NYC Creme Blushes and Rimmel's Steel Grey! I like to apply the creme blush first, then a similar colored powder blush over it to make it last all day! It's perfect for oily skin in the summer! xxx

  8. ..hey sweetie ..those are great things to be favorites : ) I hope you are ok and enjoying the girly summer ..
    ..my favorites are - Revlon Photo ready foundation : )and I discovered new thing AND I LOVE IT SOOO MUCH , it's uv nail polish and I can't believe how perfect it is , I love polishes but they always stays on my nails maximum for 2 days ..this polish I have already more then a week and it's the same like it was in first day - the colour is so rich and the gloss is unbelievable ..oooh , I get carried away : ) but that is my Favorite ..he he he ..

    ..have a great day sweety , you inspire me with your make-up bag reviews ..well , only because of you I get that Revlon foundation : )

    Hugs and kisses

  9. I wish Physicians Formula would come out with more shades! The Natural to Tan is way to light for me.

  10. i lovveeeeee your blog!!!!!! :)


  11. I did not know physicians formula had a tinted moisturizer... I'm going to check it out.