Hey girls!

Okay so I've been a slacker blogger AGAIN. But this time I have a good excuse. One of my good friends is tying the knot this Saturday which is tomorrow!! So what does that have to do with me being an unproductive blogger? Well because I am actually in the wedding, yeah I'm a bridesmaid! :) It's my first time being a bridesmaid and I am stoked! For that reason I've been super busy this past week! I thought it'd be fun to do a non-make-up post and show you guys what I'll be wearing etc...It is a black tie wedding, in other words nothing that could also be worn to the beach lol

Here is our dress...I found these images through Google as it's difficult to take a picture of my actual dress and capture it's true beauty (I'm not a clothing photographer at heart, at all!) This dress is by Bill Levkoff and comes in a variety of different colors and sashes as well. We opted for black because it's a 'safe' color and will look beautiful with our maize/buttercup colored bouquets!

My shoes...we're wearing different shoes as to not look like quadruplets haha! Initially I was planning to buy a new pair of occasion shoes but then I remembered about this pair which I have worn to another friend's wedding and danced the night away in them without feeling a slight discomfort! So I thought, now that I am a bridesmaid and I will be on my poor feet the entire day, I need pretty and comfy shoes and they are just it! :)

Shoot, actually our earrings are the same too! These were gifted to us by our lovely bride-to-be friend, spasibo Julia! :) If you'd like a pair yourself check them out here.

My necklace...I think it speaks for itself. LOVE IT!!!

My clutch.. I was debating whether I should take a clutch with me or not since we'll be running around a lot and it'd be such a hassle to carry it. But then I thought, what if I have to twitpic and report live from the wedding and I'll also need a lipstick or 10 yeah I needed a clutch for sure! This is the 'bean clutch' by Jalda and can be found in various different stores and online retailers. I do have a satin type of clutch which would go well with my outfit however I don't want to look that serious. I thought this would be a fun addition to my outfit since it's more sophisticated and a bit sporty.

My hair will look something along these lines...Here's the gorgeous Kristin Cavallari via Google images, I love her hair! I will take this picture with me so the hair stylist knows exactly what I want. I think I may eventually go for this color too, I know I'm such an unoriginal copycat! :p

And the most important of all, the make-up...Can you believe I have no idea how my make-up will be? We're actually getting it done and the only detail I know about it is that it will be 'bridal-y' with a twist. What does that mean I have no clue! I just hope that it's not some boring neutral eye that will make me look like I died 10 days ago. I definitely will take my own lipsticks with me for retouching through the day/evening. I'm taking MAC's Jazzed for a hint of color as I'll be in black from head to toe lol If in the case that eyes are darker, I will have my Angel lipstick ready as well. I'm leaning more towards Jazzed though, it's just gorgeous and looks beautiful with a tan :) I'm planning to paint my nails and toes a coral nail polish such as Essie's Peach Daiquiri or Revlon's Tropical Temptation.

We're staying at a hotel close to the venue/hall otherwise we would all have to wake up at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning, and who wants to do that? Not me! I'll definitely blog about the wedding when I get back! I hope everyone has an awesome and fun weekend! XOXO


  1. You'll be the most gorgeous bridesmaid hun!!The dress looks lovely and your accessories details are amazing!Good choice on the lipsticks!Hope you'll have a wonderful time at the wedding!I'm sure that you'll amaze the crowds!Hugs
    ps waiting for some pictures after!!!:)

  2. yay i love weddings! lol i love the idea for your hair it looks amazing..have fun!!! =)

  3. I am sure, you will be amazing!

  4. ooOOo so fun! take pics of yourself all glammed up at the wedding! and have fun:)

  5. lady, your dress is just beautiful - timelessly chic - your friend obviously has fabulous taste, and I can't wait to see the photos of her wedding dress.

    lovely choices on the lippy too, be nice to see what the MUA comes up with for you.

    happy bridesmaiding, have fun!

    a x
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  6. Ohhh my gosh, you are going to look stunning in that dress! I love Kristen's hair in that picture. Don't worry about the makeup! I find that's always the last detail, it will all fall in place. Have loads of fun tm, and wish your friend all the best and an amazing life with her hubby! Take lots and lots of pictures, you know we (or should I say I'M) very nosy!

  7. omg you're going to look amazing! love the dress! And that necklace is gorgeous! Have fun and congrats to your friend! xox

  8. i love the dress and the necklace very much! where did u get it from? I hope you will have a great time on your friend's wedding. Dont forget to post pix so we can see your makeup and outfit.


  9. Hope you will enjoy the wedding and dress and everything is so beautiful

  10. these look very lovely ,,, cant wait to see the final look on you =)

    enjoy the wedding ,, i hope u have awesome fun time .

  11. @Blushingloves, Thanks love! :) I’ll post pix as soon as I have them. I was in such a hurry that I left my SanDisk at home. So I couldn’t take pictures myself. But the photographer took zillions pictures!
    @ Amira, me too! They are so much fun!!
    @ Zuzu, thank you! ;)
    @ Mehreen Thank you honey!
    @ girlinthecity, Oh yeah she has very good taste! She was so gorgeous herself! Thanks for your lovely comment! :)
    @ Obsessed.Makup.Addict, Aww you’re so sweet! Oh yeah I know how nosy WE ARE! Hahah I’ll send you pix, promise!!
    @ ellamarie84, Thanks so much girlie! :)
    @ Raech, I’ll post them as soon as I have them :) The necklace is by Kenneth Jay Lane, I found it accidentally while I was googling ‘chunky statement necklace’ and this is what came up! I had a little heart attack when I saw the price, but then I found it at so I actually rented it! Hehe I never rented jewelry before but they are very good!
    @ alvira, thanks sweetie! :)
    @ Princess Feef, thanks girlie! :)

  12. Hope you will enjoy the wedding and dress and everything is so beautiful