Wet 'n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palettes

Hey girls!

Recently I was at Walgreen's because I wanted to pick up another color from Revlon's Colorburst collection (these lipsticks are seriously really good, wish there were even more colors though!) and these Wet 'n Wild palettes caught my eye. Honestly, I didn't really think anything of them at that time. For the price they are, I thought they will probably just another palette and not worth spending money on. But I was wrong! Then I came home, googled them and absolutely loved what I saw. So I went back and picked up two because they were BOGO half off which made the already low price even a better deal. The two palettes I picked up are Greed and Pride. All palettes have 3 matte colors on the left side and 3 shimmer on the right as well as 2 applicators (1 sponge + 1 brush) which I don't think I will use.


Greed palette has more neutral colors as you can see. The shimmery colors minus the black one on bottom right aren't as pigmented as I'd have liked them to be. They do have tons of shimmer but they seem to be pretty sheer. You can see that these two colors do not show up that good on my hand. However, I really love the other colors. Especially the matte beige and peach colors look great on me! I love to use the beige one in inner corners and even as highlight.


Pride palette is gorgeous and I think the greens and blues are total summer colors :) I have no complaints about this palette since all the colors are very pigmented. I love the color pay off with this one!

There are 2 palettes called Vanity & Lust. I actually wanted to get Lust as well but didn't. It has pretty shades of purple which I loveeee! Check them out here

Hope everyone had a great Monday! <3


  1. The swatches I see of these palettes on blogs always look soo nice! Great post

  2. The pigmentation of Pride looks amazing, thanks for the swatches!:D

    Have a lovely week!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. Great finds! These palettes seem to be a hit within our little beauty blogging community here : ) I can see these colors looking gorgeous on you, hope to see you post a look or two.

  4. harika görünüyorlar canım...

  5. OMG this is crazy pigmented I love them the first is is so pretty ! I picked a white e/s from W&W last time with no expectation and wow that's my favorite white e/s ever !

  6. Love the pride one, thx for swatching it xoxo

  7. Wow! "Pride" is amazing! They seem to have a very good pigmentation!
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    I am a follower here too!!

  8. @ Diana and Marie, thanks and your welcome girls!! :)

    @ thestartsteam, I think they totally live up the all the hype, especially for how much they cost they are beautiful!! :)

    @ M¥PriNcessS, merci sekerim! :)

    @ Chloe, Who would have known one day wet n wild will be so popular!! lol :)

    @ liloo, your welcome girl! ;)

    @ Catanya, they really do! Thanks for following, I really enjoy reading your blog! ;)