MAC Peaches Blush

Hey everyone!!

So as you may already know, I am in love with peach! Lipsticks, blushes and recently eye-shadows...Way before I got Illamasqua's Lover blush, I had been wanting this Peaches blushes from MAC. But everytime I checked on MAC's website it was sold out. I checked pan version and that was always sold out too. I checked every department store and same thing. Recently I was lucky enough to score it in a pan from MAC's website, finally! So here it is...

 It's a pure peach colored blush that is supposedly sheertone, according to MAC. While sheertone, it is quite pigmented and can be built gradually. The fact that it's so pigmented and matte actually makes me think that this should be considered a matte blush. I don't think it's anywhere near being sheer but that may be just me. It's easy to apply and blend. The color shows up same over bronzer and foundation. It's not shimmery at all, so this blush would be perfect to use as part of a look that's heavier on the eyes and also as an everyday blush. I heard a few people compare this to Melba and while I sort of agree with them, I think Melba has a bit more pink in it and Peaches has more orange thus making it a pure peach color. Melba, according to MAC, is a soft coral-peach.

Here are Peaches and Lover compared. They really do look quite similar. I am sure if you showed this picture to many people, they would think they are actually the same color. I personally think Lover is more apricot-y than peach. Lover is also a lot more pigmented compared to Peaches and shows up a lot brighter on face and even over foundation/powder. You really don't need too much of Lover for it to show up on your face. Whereas with Peaches you need a few sweeps to get it bright.

Overall, Peaches is everything I thought it would be. I really love this color and I will definitely repurchase it when the time comes. 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!!!

P.S.: I just checked MAC's website and Peaches is available both in pan and in regular container. If you want to get it, get it before it gets sold out again :)


  1. Very pretty! I'm obsessed with peaches right now also. It seems to be all I want to use!

  2. you everytime i go to my mac counter, Mac peaches is always sold out :/ but thanks for letting me know that its now available on line :)

  3. that is a beautiful color... I really want a peachy toned blush. I'm trying to wait and shop from MAC until their to the beach collection comes out though.

  4. Yes after this swatch it's official, I'm for sure getting peaches next time I'm at MAC

  5. Thank u for this comparison...i have had peaches on my list since ages...Now that I have a Lover (blush)...i will spend my 18 bucks on sumthing else...:)

  6. Love this color! If only i didn't have one too many blushers already, this would be mine like yesterday! lol Thanks for the swatches : )

    p.s. your doggie is adorable! ---->

  7. I too am a lover of all things peach! ; )

  8. @ Ann, Ohh good, I thought I was crazy being obsessed with one color lol Peach/corals are perfect for summer though, aren't they! :)

    @ Becky, your welcome hunny! I was annoyed that it was always sold out too, I'm happy that I finally have it! :)

    @ TKOmulatta, I was waiting for to the beach collection as well but my fave blush, Peachykeen fell on the floor and so I needed a new one lol excuses, excuses...

    @ Obsessed.Makup.Addict, you know you must! :)

    @ resham, you totally should save your money for something else, they are almost the same. I am glad I can help someone save money, yay! :)

    @ thestartsteam, your welcome lady! I don't own too many blushes and it's my latest obsession so I am just collecting whatever blush I like at the moment :)

    @ Erica, yay for peach lovers! :)

  9. ooooo, i love them both, but i think i MUST invest in lover! :)