Essie Resort Collection 2010

Hey ladies!!! 

I want to share with you all my latest obsession and it is nothing other than the new Resort Collection by Essie! I love O.P.I but I started my nail polish collection with Essie polishes so Essie has a special place in my heart. Therefore I frequently check their website to see new collections. Well last time I was on Essie's website, I saw that this resort collection will be in stores in May. It's not even May and the other day I bumped into these colors at my Ulta! Yeaaahhh! All the colors have exceeded my expectations, wow! They are all very beautiful and totally me! 


It's a true cornflower blue and it's just gorgeous! Here on my nails I have 3 coats, yep! It took me 3 coats to achieve this level of opacity. One coat is way too sheer, two coats were better compared to 1 but I could still see the white tips of my nails and I hate it when that happens. So I went with 3 coats, and I am pretty happy with the way it looks!

I would call this color sandy grey/wet cement color, it's an unusual color so it definitely isn't one of those colors that will be loved by too many people. However, I've been looking for a color like this for a long time so when I heard about this I was super excited! I have 2 coats on in this picture. I could have easily done 3 but left it at 2 so it dries faster.


I love pink so I knew I'd definitely be getting this color. It's hard for me to describe this color because it's not exactly pink and it's not exactly purple. It's almost like a jelly lavender, reminds me a lot of English Accents lipglass and Bloomingly Lovely lipstick from MAC's Liberty of London collection in nail polish form. Since I've already proven myself that I can't pull off lavender lip products, I will be using it on my nails in stead because I really do love lavender color! I applied 2 coats of it and I think that was sufficient to coat my nails evenly.


 I was quite skeptical about this color because when I first saw it, the first thing that came to my mind was For Audrey by China Glaze which I have and love to wear. You can see my post about For Audrey here and compare the two. They are quite similar but I wouldn't say they are dupes of each other. In my opinion Turquoise & Caicos has more green whereas For Audrey has more blue. I personally think Turquoise and Caicos is more of a Tiffany blue (check out my little Tiffany box in the back he he). I used 3 coats here, 1 & 2 coats were a bit too sheer for my nails.

Over all, I think this is an awesome collection from Essie and I love all the colors! I don't normally buy the entire collection from any brand, in fact I think this is the first time I ever did this! But there was something about the colors in this collection so I had to get'em before they sell out. According to my observance at my local Ulta, most colors were close to being sold out, so if you're interested in any color get them before they are gone (even though there's always online shops). All of these colors also come in little sample size bottles for $17, I think. Individually they are $8.50.

Did you girls get any of these colors or any new colors from other brands? I am obsessed with nail polish so if you know of a color I must absolutely have let me know! :)


  1. i love the blue one on u! i can never pull off the blue nails i dont know why lol maybe i should try this shade of blue.. u make me wanna get the turquoise one lol! very pretty

  2. ooo, they look so pretty! I want them all : ) Thanks for sharing

  3. The last one is so have lovely nails...thanks for the sharing this post...

  4. Gorgeous colours(:
    I really love the blue!

  5. Oh these are lovely! I love the sandy colour and the pink :) gorgeous! xx

  6. That you color nicer! I am charmed with the green one:D. 1 kiss from Spain :D

  7. i've been wanting to get the grey and pink polishes from this collection. i'm having 2nd thoughts now haha... i'll have to swatch it at the store or something but they're all really pretty. if i didnt already had a dupe for the blue and turquoise, i would've gotten all 4.

    thanks for the review

  8. i need to get all these polishes. LOL.

  9. That Tiffany blue it hot!

  10. @ Amira, thank you! Give it a try who knows! :)
    @ resham, thank you and your welcome! I used to be a nail-biter, I have come a long way, believe me! :)
    @thestartsteam, thank you, hope you enjoyed the post :)
    @Schnella, blue one seems to be the most popular, I really love it too! :)
    @LilyRibbons, thanks hun!
    @Kyra, gracias! :)
    @Celly, swatch them if you can, make sure to go where nobody can see you at the store he he :)
    @Lipstick Rules, that's exactly what I said too, and I did it lol
    @ Mary, It's a total Tiffany blue, even closer to it than For Audrey by China Glaze, yep! :)

  11. I so want this collection. All of the colors look great on you. Turquoise & Caicos kind of remind me of Misa "Dirty, Sexy, Money". It is so pretty!

  12. @ Mz. More, that's exactly what I said too! :) I love all these colors, however now that I think about it I should have gone with the little bottles. I had a coupon for 2 free nail polishes and then I had BOGO free so I only paid for 1 nail polish. OK maybe I shouldn't complain :) Hmm I never heard of that brand, I will check them out, thank you! x

  13. Hic Ulta dan alisveris yapmadim yarin gitmeyi planliyorum :) Ve bu koleksiyonu hemen edinmeliyim renkler super =)

  14. Hic Ulta dan alisveris yapmadim yarin gitmeyi planliyorum :) Ve bu koleksiyonu hemen edinmeliyim renkler super =)

  15. ooo, they look so pretty! I want them all : ) Thanks for sharing