Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub

Hey girlss!!!

How is everyone? I am...trying to be good. :)

I was recently going through my stash of cosmetics, skin care products and I came across this scrub which I bought a while ago and didn't use much as far as I could tell from what's left in the container. So I thought I'd use it...Well, I wish I never did! It totally made me break out, big time! I think the last time I had a breakout was in my last semester of college and that was, needless to say, due to stress! I don't know what's in this product that my skin didn't approve of.

This scrub claims that we will see fewer blackheads in just 2 days! Yeah right. That definitely did not happen. Not only did that not happen but in stead I got zits all over my cheek, not pretty at all. I can't say that I'm a big fan of creamy scrubs with beads in them. I don't really like lotion-like scrubs, eye make-up removers etc on my face besides my moisturizer. Well this scrub is super creamy, so that was a big thumbs down from me. Another thing that I hate about it is the smell, what is in it seriously?? I think it may be the aloe vera or jojoba I have no clue, but to me it smells horrible. Over all I think this scrub needs quite a bit of reformulating, at least for me it does. I am sure there are some people who absolutely love it, but not me. I will not repurchase this scrub again, do I even need to say fact I'll just go and toss it. Right now. There is my two cents. Bad scrub = Unhappy consumer.


  1. I've tried that too, and yes, didn't do anything for my skin as well. It was just okay.
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. @ Marie, sooo I'm not the only one! This scrub was such a waste of money, it's just blah, but how could we have known until we tried...

  3. This sounds awful, thanks for the warning!


  4. Hey girl, sorry you have to deal with a break out from this stuff. I love most of the Clean & Clear products but this scrub is awful. I use the Morning Burst one and really like it. It has more of a gel consistency and the scrubbers aren't rough. I rotate that with the Cleansing Gel for sensitive skin then use the Morning Burst Moisturizer with spf. Any of their products in the purple bottles (blackhead clearing, acne control, ect) break out my skin.

  5. @ May, it seriously is awful! I hate it when I get a break out from a stupid scrub, it's so annoying :/ But of course just because it didn't work for me doesn't mean if won't work for someone else...

    @ Ann, thanks hun! I used a few other products from Clean & Clears as well and never had a single problem. I actually use their moisturizer and am very happy with it. But this scrub is a total mess! It's weird that it's the products in purple containers that cause break outs, I seriously wonder what they put in them! I'll try the Morning Burst one after I finish my St. Ives Green Tea scrub :)